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Experience a new era of gaming with unidice, a revolutionary dice gaming console. It blends the thrill of physical gaming with the convenience of digital, through a digitally connected dice that interacts with your smart devices. From casual to intense gameplay, unidice elevates every moment. The question is, are you ready to roll the dice and witness an incredible gaming journey like never before? Unidice - changing the way you game.



Jump into the riveting universe of Cyberrun, a unique sci-fi deck-builder roguelite adventure that combines action-packed gaming with cutting-edge technology. Battle rogue Cybernetics and alien hybrids using the innovative unidice, a dice that acts as a multi-function card deck, providing a truly immersive gaming experience. Engage in thrilling solo missions or team up for cooperative gameplay. Ideal for 1-4 players aged 12+, Cyberrun promises 20-40 minute game levels, all controlled via the unidice and a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. Embrace the future of hybrid gaming and join the adventure in Cyberrun!

1-4 Players


20-40 minutes

house of influence

House of Influence

Join the thrilling game of "House of Influence," a unique social deduction game set in a world of intrigue and cunning. Belong to one of two houses—majority or minority—and outsmart your opponents to gain influence points. With secret roles and a special dice, players dive into a quick-paced, strategic showdown. But beware of hidden motives and deceit! This game is suitable for 3-10 players and has an average playtime of 20-30 minutes. You'll need a smartphone with a Bluetooth connection and unidice. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Get ready to strategize, deceive, and enjoy the game!

3-10 Players


20-30 minutes

Roll Out

Roll Out

Immerse yourself in the thrilling post-apocalyptic world of "Roll Out - Live or Die," a dice-based survival game teeming with zombies. Scavenge for rations, weapons, and medical supplies in eerie abandoned locations while evading deadly zombies. Success or peril hinge on your dice roll. Will you risk all for potential loot or escape to safety? Solo or coop, each game promises 15-30 minutes of adrenaline rush. The unidice system simplifies gameplay with automatic scorekeeping. All you need is a smartphone, Bluetooth, and the spirit for an electrifying challenge. Suitable for ages 12+.

1-6 Players


15-30 minutes

los banditos

Los Banditos

Elevate your gaming experience with Los Banditos, a thrilling and strategic hybrid game for two players. Each turn, roll the unidice to determine your move, strategize where to place your dice, and outsmart your opponent. The game revolves around collecting valuable loot chips with differing values. Be the first to reach 10 victory points by winning loot chips and become the ultimate bandito! Suitable for ages 8+ and lasts approximately 15 minutes per level. A smartphone with Bluetooth connection and unidice required.

1-4 Players


20-40 minutes

dice poker ace

Dice Poker

Discover the joy of Dice Poker, a beloved game now enhanced by the innovative unidice, a gadget that handles all the score-keeping for you. The unidice also offers customizable dice skins, transforming your game night into an exciting visual spectacle. Gameplay is straightforward; shake and roll the unidice, choose which results to lock, and repeat for three turns. The unidice tracks all scores, eliminating disputes and ensuring seamless, fun-filled play. Unleash a world of endless possibilities with Dice Poker and the unidice.

2-8 Players


15-45 minutes



Enter the world of Ancient Rome with Reiner Knizia's thrilling new dice game, "CAESAR". Compete against others for the position of Consul, acquire the most coins and make rivals pay tribute. This 2-6 player game, recommended for ages 8 and up, lasts 15-30 minutes per game. Play using a smartphone with Bluetooth and unidice. Over five rounds, roll the dice to gain support and win coins, with the final round offering a chance to overthrow the current leader. With constant rank shifts, strategic rerolls, and a dash of luck, immerse yourself in the political intrigue of "CAESAR".

2-6 Players


15-30 minutes


unidiced Fantasies

The unidice, your ultimate TTRPG companion, brings the digital revolution to RPG gaming. This extraordinary digital dice, coupled with the unidice Fantasies app, replaces all your physical gaming accessories, streamlining gameplay and adding a new level of immersion. Create or import character sheets, add special sound effects for thrilling dice rolls, and let unidice handle all your calculations and comparisons. Customize everything to your playing style and RPG system. Game with ease, flexibility, and amplified fun with the unidice!


Configurator App

Experience the future of gaming with unidice, a customizable digital dice set that revolutionizes tabletop and board gaming. With six screens, unidice allows you to personalize your dice by uploading art, photos, or any image that reflects your style. The intuitive unidice app simplifies creation and saving of digital dice sets. Great for both seasoned gamers and beginners, unidice is not limited to Pen&Paper games but also enhances your favorite board games by replacing numbers with matching icons. Furthermore, even non-artists can design custom dice sets using AI generators, making your gaming experience truly unique.


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