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Cyberrun. Picture shows two heroes dressed in futuristic armour.


At unidice, we're not just about gaming. We're about revolutionizing interactions across numerous fields. One area ripe for such innovation is healthcare and therapy. By leveraging our device's unique interactive capabilities in conjunction with specialized apps, we believe unidice can bring transformative changes to the healthcare and therapy sectors.

Unidice can serve as a powerful tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Paired with tailored apps, it can be used to create engaging exercises that improve coordination, dexterity, and strength. Imagine a patient recovering from a hand injury, using the unidice to perform various movements and tracking their progress through an app.

Cyberrun. Picture shows two heroes dressed in futuristic armour.


The unidice, with its unique six-sided interface and ability to communicate with smart devices, is set to bring a whole new dimension to sports. Whether you're an avid sports enthusiast or a professional athlete, unidice offers exciting possibilities for engagement, training, and enhancement of sports experiences.

Picture this: you're preparing for your morning run, and with a simple roll of your unidice, you've set your pace, chosen the path you are taking, and started your fitness tracker. unidice, in collaboration with various sports apps, can become your ultimate sports companion, providing you with real-time stats, personalized workout routines, and engaging fitness challenges.

Cyberrun. Picture shows two heroes dressed in futuristic armour.


Stay on top of your time management with unidice. In association with various time tracking apps, our device can help you keep a precise record of your work hours. Simply roll the dice to start, pause, or stop the timer, making time tracking a fun, seamless part of your routine.

Imagine controlling your presentations with a roll of the dice. With unidice's unique design and ability to connect with smart devices, it can double as a presentation controller. Linked with your presentation app, navigate through slides with a simple roll or a tap. This not only enhances the presentation experience but also makes it more engaging for the audience.

Cyberrun. Picture shows two heroes dressed in futuristic armour.


At unidice, we believe in the transformative power of interactive learning. By combining our uniquely designed device with specialized educational apps, we're forging a path to a future where learning is as engaging as it is informative. From vocabulary building to mastering math concepts, unidice brings a whole new dimension to education.

With unidice, expanding your vocabulary becomes an engaging game. Imagine an app that presents a new word on each side of the unidice. Each roll gives you a new word to learn, its meaning, and usage examples. Studying for your language exams or improving your language skills has never been more fun!

Cyberrun. Picture shows two heroes dressed in futuristic armour.

Smart Home

At unidice, we're taking smart home control to the next level. Our innovative device, designed to interact seamlessly with various smart devices, can transform the way you manage your home environment. From setting the perfect temperature to dimming the lights for a cozy evening, unidice makes controlling your smart home as simple and fun as rolling a dice.

unidice can integrate with your smart home ecosystem and offer you a unique, interactive way to control your devices. With a simple roll, tilt or tap, you can adjust your home's temperature, turn on or off your lights, manage your home security system, or even start your coffee machine.


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