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A deck-Builder Roguelite like never before

Cyberpunk Pilot


Step right into the action-packed world of Cyberrun, the ultimate Sci-fi Adventure Game where you get to embark on thrilling missions, no matter how perilous they may be, either solo or with friends.

Battle against rogue Cybernetics, bizarre Alien hybrids, and menacing AI robots, all while trying to navigate through the unfamiliar terrain of an alien planet. Boost your chances of success by enlisting the help of your comrades and upgrading your character with powerful augmentations to help you achieve your goals!

Everything is played with a combination of the unidice, a dice replacing multiple polyhedral dice, and acting as a card deck for this game!

Everything is played with a combination of the unidice, a dice replacing multiple polyhedral dice, and acting as a card deck for this game!

So what are you waiting for? Join the adventure today and let the Cyberrun begin!

  • smartphone

    Average playtime per level: 20-40 minutes

  • people

    Number of players 1-4

  • people

    Single Player, Coop Game

  • controller

    Gametype: Round Based Strategy

  • people of all age and size

    Recommended for ages: 12+

  • smartphone

    Requirements: Smartphone with Bluetooth connection + unidice

Cyberpunk Psychic

What is a unidice?

unidice is a physical dice simulating multiple virtual dice at once. While you roll the unidice multiple random number generators are running simultaneously as long as it rolls. Once the rolling stops, the random number generators stop calculating new numbers, and the unidice shows the calculated results of the virtual dice on the displays.

This dice roller enables a truly immersive hybrid gaming experience while it enables you to play multiple kinds of games, like board games, TTRPGs, and pretty much every game that needs a physical dice or randomization of random numbers, images, or some other sort of randomness.

How to Play the Game?

Are you ready to dive into the action-packed world of Cyberrun? Choose your class and get ready to take on the challenge! ‍

To start your turn, all you need to do is roll the unidice, which will reveal on one side the item you can use this turn. It only costs one AP to get the ball rolling. If you're not happy with the result, you can always spend another AP to reroll and try your luck again. But if you're ready to use your item, just check the mobile phone to see how much AP it will cost you.

Once you've used your item, it's time for the next player to take their turn. Keep the cycle going until it's the enemy's turn. You can easily track the enemy's AP on your mobile phone. Remember, the fight is over when either the enemy is defeated, or the party's HP reaches 0.

But don't worry, in Cyberrun, death is not the end. You can always restart the campaign and try again!

Cyberpunk Character Selection

The Story

Once upon a time, a unique alliance was formed between humans and alien symbionts, paving the way for peaceful coexistence.

Together, they constructed a dazzling city that was unlike anything the world had ever seen - a city that was home to both humans and symbionts alike. This city, known as Cyberrun, was a testament to the incredible technological advances that can be achieved when two species work together.

However, the peace and harmony of Cyberrun have been disrupted by corruption. The city's inhabitants, known as Cyberrunners, find themselves tangled in a web of deceit and dishonesty.

The once unbreakable bond between humans and symbionts is being tested, and the fate of the entire city hangs in the balance.

Will the alliance that was once so strong be able to withstand the challenges that lay ahead?

What secrets does Cybertechnology hold, and can it truly surpass the limits of humanity?

As you venture deeper into the City of Cyberrunners, will you be able to uncover the truth that lies beneath the surface?

Join the adventure today and help us unravel the mysteries that have plagued Cyberrun. Only you can help us restore peace and harmony to this magnificent city by accumulating knowledge and experience and using your resources optimally to defeat your opponents.

Will you be the winners?

Cyberun Teaser

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the world of Cyberrun?

Well, get ready to choose your class because we've got an exciting teaser for you! Our character selection screen is filled with six incredible options, each with its own unique set of skills and abilities that you can make use of while playing the game.

Will you choose the fierce fighter who can take down enemies with ease? Or perhaps the stealthy rogue who can sneak past even the toughest obstacles? Maybe you prefer the powerful mage who can wield magic with devastating force or the healer who can mend wounds and keep the party going.

No matter who you choose, you'll be joining a team of brave Cyberrunners who are ready to take on anything that comes their way. With your help, we can uncover the secrets that lie within the City of Cyberrunners and restore peace to this once-great metropolis. Or will it fall to its doom?

How Cyberrun Begun

Cyberrun was always thought to be a game for the unidice, but in the beginning, it was thought to be a print-to-play game!

But we soon realized that the capabilities of the unidice would be wasted if we wouldn't make the game a bit more complex. But for a game where players had to keep an eye on the stats and calculate anything, even the final print-to-play version was considered fairly difficult to play.

But we soon realized that the capabilities of the unidice would be wasted if we wouldn't make the game a bit more complex. But for a game where players had to keep an eye on the stats and calculate anything, even the final print-to-play version was considered fairly difficult to play.

We decided to let the dice take over the control of the newly designed companion app. In the new version, the smartphone just acts as a display, which gets controlled with the help of the dice. It shows the rolling results and the effects of the actions of the players, and it helps the unidice to keep track of all the rules.

Print to Play Version of Cyberrun

How is Cyberrun a Hybrid Game

Hybrid games combine physical games with digital elements. They can be board games that have a companion app, for example. In the case of this game, unidice is the physical component of this hybrid game, and the companion app on your smartphone is the digital aspect of the game.

unidice does not only act as a dice roller but also as a controller and card deck during your game night. When you roll the physical dice, it will calculate a random result which is an item/card from your card deck that you can use on your opponent by double-tapping the top display. It acts as the gambling aspect of every card game while also enabling you to get visual feedback for your played card on your mobile screen!

This also causes the game to have extremely immersive gameplay that you can share with other players if you like. Don't worry. You only need one die to play the game in a team. This on dice will know all the rules and will take over control of your game and game inputs

unidice SDK

Do you like the idea of creating your own apps for the unidice? Are you determine to make your own games for it? Shoot us a mail, and we can bring your games to the table!

While we love creating games for the unidice, it would be a shame to keep the fun all for ourselves, so we from the unidice company decided to open up our SDKs to the public, which enables you to create your own games for the unidice if you decide to do so.

Since we are not on different teams but in the same one, we would also like to offer you to showcase your unidice games on our website with a hyperlink to yours, so everyone knows instantly that you are a part of the community and unidice's history!

Currently, the SDKs are in the closed Beta, so if you want to join, just shoot us a message, and we can talk about it and how to bring your game to life! Just imagine what you can create with the unidice and which new experiences you'll be able to create!


During the Kickstarter Campaign, the unidice will be available for 99€ during the first 24h and after that for 149€. Once it releases, it will cost 199€, so if you want to save some money, make sure to follow us on our Kickstarter Page to get notified when we go live on the 16th of March 2023!

Don't miss the opportunity to get yourself this virtual dice roller for up to 50% off!

The search for your new all-in-one gaming companion is over! Upgrade your dice today and make use of the benefits that this virtual dice roller brings with it. Become part of unidice's history and expand your dice collection today!

And if you thought Cyberrun is a cool game, why not check out our other games: Maybe you'll like them even more ;)


How do the random number generators of the virtual dice work?

When you roll the unidice multiple random number generators will be activated, one for each display. After the die, throw the dice, and during its roll, the unidice calculates steadily new numbers until it stops rolling. This is when it displays the last calculated number.

In this game, the unidice dynamically adapts each side to the cards in your deck and shuffles through each of them while it rolls. Once it stops, the face that is on top decides which card you drew from your deck.

When it can simulate up to six dice, why not make use of it?

During the balancing phase of the game, it made the game too easy if you would draw 6 cards at once.

So we decided to limit it to just one card for each spent AP, which entices the gambling aspect of card games even more and makes the game also much more fun and thrilling!

What is a polyhedral dice, and what has it to do with the virtual dice roller?

A polyhedral dice is pretty much every dice with more than one side - or in short, it is a fancy word for "all dice in existence".

Each of the screens of the unidice can be described as a virtual dice, which makes it automatically a polyhedral dice, which gets rolled to get random numbers or symbols like heads, numbers, etc.

Are there five factions in the Cyberrun Universe?

Yes, the Cyberrunners, the Corps, Cybermutants, Symbiots, and Robots

Can I collect points in Cyberrun?

No, unfortunately not, but we are still working on the progression system, so let's see if the future includes one or another point collection system.

Is it hard to win a game?

Cyberrun isn't thought to be an easy game, so it will take some rounds until you win at least one round.

But don't let it demotivate you! The game is still fair, and you will progress by making experiences!


We are still figuring it out, give us some more weeks and we can answer the question :)

Has playtesting already begun?

Yes, our partners from extra nice have weekly testing sessions where they give the systems the last bit of polishment

Can I compare it in any way to Backgammon or Yahtzee?


Is the game Instance based?

I guess you can say so, yes. Each encounter is it's own instance that you have to finish before you can progress to another.

How many tools and weapons are in the game?

Currently a lot, but there will be more - exact numbers before release, we promise.

Is it a board game?

No you just need the smartphone, the unidice and the app to play it. No board or something else is needed to play Cyberrun

Will I be able to play it before I get the unidice?

No, but we'll soon release our first print-to-play version of Cyberrun, so you will be able to play this version of the game.

Make sure to grab some customizable dice to throw since the game is symbol based!

Are the rules of the game difficult to get a hang of?

No, the game takes over pretty much all of the rules, so you can focus on experiencing the game and the things you have to decide during the game. Our aim is that players can fully immerse themselves into the world while playing this dice game.

How does the unidice control the game?

By rolling, tilting, and double tapping the dice, you give the unidice commands that it will forward to the application.

Are there dragons in your world?

No, the world is inspired by a specific TTRPG game, but we didn't want to copy it :D

Can I play the game alone?

Yes, but remember - games are always more fun with friends :3

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