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A deck-Builder Roguelite like never before


Step right into the action-packed world of Cyberrun, the ultimate Sci-fi Adventure Game where you get to embark on thrilling missions, no matter how perilous they may be, either solo or with friends.

Battle against rogue Cybernetics, bizarre Alien hybrids, and menacing AI robots, all while trying to navigate through the unfamiliar terrain of an alien planet. Boost your chances of success by enlisting the help of your comrades and upgrading your character with powerful augmentations to help you achieve your goals!

Everything is played with a combination of a smartphone and the unidice, a dice replacing multiple polyhedral dice, and acting as a card deck for this game!

So what are you waiting for? Join the adventure today and let the Cyberrun begin!

What is a unidice?

unidice is a physical dice simulating multiple virtual dice at once. While you roll the unidice multiple random number generators are running simultaneously as long as it rolls. Once the rolling stops, the random number generators stop calculating new numbers, and the unidice shows the calculated results of the virtual dice on the displays.

This dice roller enables a truly immersive hybrid gaming experience while it enables you to play multiple kinds of games, like board games, TTRPGs, and pretty much every game that needs a physical dice or randomization of random numbers, images, or some other sort of randomness.


How to Play the Game?

Are you ready to dive into the action-packed world of Cyberrun? Choose your class and get ready to take on the challenge! ‍

To start your turn, all you need to do is roll the unidice, which will reveal on one side the item you can use this turn. It only costs one AP to get the ball rolling. If you're not happy with the result, you can always spend another AP to reroll and try your luck again. But if you're ready to use your item, just check the mobile phone to see how much AP it will cost you.

Once you've used your item, it's time for the next player to take their turn. Keep the cycle going until it's the enemy's turn. You can easily track the enemy's AP on your mobile phone. Remember, the fight is over when either the enemy is defeated, or the party's HP reaches 0.

But don't worry, in Cyberrun, death is not the end. You can always restart the campaign and try again!

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The Story

Once upon a time, a unique alliance was formed between humans and alien symbionts, paving the way for peaceful coexistence.

Together, they constructed a dazzling city that was unlike anything the world had ever seen - a city that was home to both humans and symbionts alike. This city, known as Cyberrun, was a testament to the incredible technological advances that can be achieved when two species work together.

However, the peace and harmony of Cyberrun have been disrupted by corruption. The city's inhabitants, known as Cyberrunners, find themselves tangled in a web of deceit and dishonesty.

The once unbreakable bond between humans and symbionts is being tested, and the fate of the entire city hangs in the balance.

Will the alliance that was once so strong be able to withstand the challenges that lay ahead?

What secrets does Cybertechnology hold, and can it truly surpass the limits of humanity?

As you venture deeper into the City of Cyberrunners, will you be able to uncover the truth that lies beneath the surface?

Join the adventure today and help us unravel the mysteries that have plagued Cyberrun. Only you can help us restore peace and harmony to this magnificent city by accumulating knowledge and experience and using your resources optimally to defeat your opponents.

Will you be the winners?


Cyberun Teaser

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the world of Cyberrun?

Well, get ready to choose your class because we've got an exciting teaser for you! Our character selection screen is filled with six incredible options, each with its own unique set of skills and abilities that you can make use of while playing the game.

Will you choose the fierce fighter who can take down enemies with ease? Or perhaps the stealthy rogue who can sneak past even the toughest obstacles? Maybe you prefer the powerful mage who can wield magic with devastating force or the healer who can mend wounds and keep the party going.

No matter who you choose, you'll be joining a team of brave Cyberrunners who are ready to take on anything that comes their way. With your help, we can uncover the secrets that lie within the City of Cyberrunners and restore peace to this once-great metropolis. Or will it fall to its doom?


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