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A Completely new Game by Reiner Knizia


Have you heard about Reiner Knizia's newest dice game, "CAESAR"? It takes you back to Ancient Rome where you'll compete against others for the coveted position of Consul. As Consul, you'll make your competitors pay tribute to the State and try to acquire the most coins for ultimate victory. But watch out! Your opponents may gain support and stage a revolt to overthrow you.

This exciting game is perfect for 2-6 players and lasts between 15-30 minutes per game. It's a player vs player game and falls under the category of "Push your luck!" dice games. It's recommended for ages 8 and up, and all you need is a smartphone with Bluetooth and unidice to start playing.Get ready to roll the dice and become the next Consul in "CAESAR"!

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    1-4 Players

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How to play it with the unidice?

Are you ready to dominate your competition in "Caesar" using the unidice? Here's how to play:

The game consists of 5 rounds, and in each round, players take turns rolling the unidice to gain the most support and win the round. Winning a round will earn you a shiny silver coin. But beware, the final round introduces a valuable gold coin that can shake up the hierarchy and give your competitors one last chance to gain control.

The unidice has its own D6 on the top and sides, giving you a total of five dice to roll each turn. During your turn, you can reroll up to three times, locking and unlocking die faces to get the desired outcome. Keep in mind that each roll is a "Push your luck!" scenario where you have to decide whether to roll again or stick with your current result.

So, roll the dice, strategize, and earn those coins to become the next Consul in "Caesar"!

Amount of support = Amount of senators x number of points (weapons = 0)

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Become the Consul

Keep the top rank and have your rivals pay tribute (bronze coins) by becoming consul, helping you maintain your lead over the competition. The position of consul can easily change throughout the game though so watch your back.

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Wage war against the Consul!

Try to overthrow the ruling Consul by bringing your weapons to bear helping to turn the tide in your mission to steal the final victory from your opponents.


Get as many coins as the amount of senators the consul has rolled

caesar roll table


You win this round and get closer to becoming the next Consul

caesar roll table


Get all remaining silver and gold coins

caesar roll table


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