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Dice Poker

A Classic Reimagined

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Dice Poker

Have you heard of Dice Poker? It's a popular casual game that's enjoyed worldwide! But let's be real, figuring out who won and who lost can sometimes cause unnecessary arguments. That's where the unidice comes in! This clever gadget takes the classic dice game to the next level by doing all the tedious calculations for you. So, you and your friends can sit back, relax, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

But wait, there's more! If you're feeling a little bored with the plain old poker dice, the unidice has got you covered. With the ability to upload new dice skins, you can switch up the design and create a whole new visual experience. Say goodbye to boring game nights and hello to endless possibilities with Dice Poker and the unidice!

How to play it with the unidice?

Ready to roll the unidice and have some fun with your friends?

Here's how to play:First, give the unidice a good shake and throw it. You'll get your first set of results. Double-tap the screens you want to lock in place so they won't change during your second roll.Next, roll the unidice again and double-tap the screens you want to keep from this roll. You can also unlock screens if you want to roll them again!Finally, roll the digital die one last time and lock in your final screens. After everyone has had their turn, the application will track everything for you. No more worrying about losing track of the scores!And that's it! The player with the best dice result after three rolls wins. So, get ready to have some fun with Dice Poker and the unidice. Don't forget to pass it on to the next player and let the good times roll!

unidice dice poker

Poker Hands Ranking

Five of a Kind

dice poker roll result table

Four of a Kind

dice poker roll result table

Full House

dice poker roll result table


dice poker roll result table

Three of a Kind

dice poker roll result table

Two Pair

dice poker roll result table

One Pair

dice poker roll result table


dice poker roll result table


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