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Progress Update: Pledge Manager, unidice Crew, Skins and more!

Hello All!

We got some exciting news to share with you!

Pledge Manager in Sight!

The pledge manager is suiting up for launch! Our team is gearing up to launch the pledge manager soon. They're adding some extra wizardry to it, perfecting it for your unidice journey. Soon you'll be able to fill out surveys faster than you can say "Roll for initiative!"

Expanding the Crew!

Want faster debugging and more features? So do we! That's why we're recruiting a band of coding superheroes with our pals at Proxify. More hands on deck means getting our super SDKs and intricate features to you ASAP. Watch this space!

Skins Galore!

Get ready to feast your eyes on a visual smorgasbord. Our Picasso-in-residence, Eva-Maria, is cooking up some jaw-dropping new skins for your unidice. What do you think? Drop a comment and let us know!

Big Thanks, Bigger Plans!

We're floored by your incredible support and patience. Working hard to roll out the perfect product for you, we can't wait to lift the curtain on what's brewing behind the scenes!

Stay tuned, roll high and game on!

Yours truly,

The Unidice Team


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