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Pledge Manager Is Live & All the Shiny New Stuff for your unidice!

Hey wonderful backers!

Guess what? The pledge manager is now LIVE! 🚀 We are just as excited as you are to get your hands on your very own unidice. But first, we have a teeny-tiny favor to ask. Please jump in and fill out the survey so we can have everything set up perfectly for your shipment. And while you’re at it, pick your favorite dice color! 🌈 Feeling like sparkling blue today? Or maybe mystical purple? The choice is yours!

The Pledge Manager is live!

Now, for some fantastic news! Our journey during and after this Kickstarter has been nothing short of amazing. We've teamed up with a ton of new partners. Thanks to these brilliant collaborations, we’ve decided to upgrade the unidice hardware...wait for no extra cost to you!

unidice pledge manager

Here's the gleaming upgrade list:

  • We're swapping our old displays for sleek new touch displays!

  •  Processor? Upgraded! It's now sharper, swifter, and fluent in even more protocols, like the snazzy Matter protocol.

  •  Not just Bluetooth! Our connectivity will be broader and more adaptable than ever. But we won't spill all the beans just yet—let the future surprise you!

  • And for all your cherished images? We’re giving you bigger storage! Plus, there's an extra SD card embedded for even more storage (non-changeable). No more worries about space! 📸

unidice temperature tests

Furthermore, our SDKs are coming along beautifully and are currently being fine-tuned to align with the new firmware and new hardware. SDK rework is nearly finished. We worked on all three SDKs and made them much easier to use, even for absolute beginners. Stay tuned for the beta!

We are also discussing more cooperations at the moment. Just imagine the unidice could be used to control toy cars, trains, or be utilized in specialized learning applications! Wouldn't that be awesome?

unidice gif tests

Before we delve further, we owe you an apology. We realize we've been a tad quiet lately in terms of updates and communication. The planning and implementation of this new and enhanced hardware took a significant amount of time, focus, and effort for our small team. We aimed for perfection, and that meant long hours and extensive discussions to ensure we bring you the best. We sincerely hope you understand, and we promise to keep you in the loop more frequently from now on.

unidice gif tests

Now, the nitty-gritty. All these shiny updates mean we'll need a bit more time before we release the unidice. We are currently aiming to release it around mid of next year. But, trust us when we say: the wait is going to be SO worth it!

Stay with us, dice aficionados! More thrilling updates, peeks behind the curtain, and videos are coming your way. Let's keep the dice rolling together!

Stay dicey and tuned in!

The unidice Team


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