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Understanding SDKs: Your gateway to creativity and innovation with the unidice SDK

Hello out there! This is a blog post especially for everyone who doesn’t yet know what an SDK actually is or for those of you who are interested in getting more information on this topic. We’ll dive into defining what they are, what they can do for us, and how to use them. So wiggle your body and let’s jump right into it.


What are SDKs?

Software Development Kits, in short “SDKs,” are comprehensive sets of tools, libraries, and documentations, which enable developers to create their own software for a specific platform or a framework. So, to nail it down, SDKs are kind of a massive toolbox you can use if you want to develop software. These tools massively improve development processes, making it way easier to build applications and even whole games by simply providing pre-built components and functionalities.

“Ok,” you might think, “so they are a toolbox for software development… But what is inside this box?” In a nutshell, SDKs actually provide various tools, libraries, APIs, code samples, and documentations that assist eager developers who want to build applications and games fitting the framework they are about to work with. Moreover, SDKs not only streamline the development process, but they also ensure compatibility with the targeted platform, making it possible for developers to create high-quality software more easily.


SDKs are used for various platforms, such as web, mobile, and gaming consoles, providing everything necessary to facilitate app development. In general, using them ensures seamless integration with the target platform. With an SDK, developers can focus on the unique features of their application, rather than dealing with the intricacies of the platform itself and struggling with compatibility issues.


Eventually, SDKs are crucial for software development as they offer a standardized and efficient way of building applications and games. If you want to, they are a Swiss army knife when it comes to managing resources, saving a LOT of time and headaches plus simplifying the whole development process.

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How to develop an SDK

Developing an SDK involves creating a set of tools, libraries, and documentation that cater to the needs of the developers working on a specific platform or framework. To develop an SDK, you should:

  • Identify the target platform/framework and understand its requirements

  • Develop libraries and APIs that provide the necessary functions for the target platform

  • Create coded samples and examples to help developers understand how to use the SDK

  • Write comprehensive documentation that covers the usage and implementation of the SDK components

  • Ensure that the SDK is secure, reliable, and compatible with the target platform

What makes an SDK good?

So here is the essence of what makes an SDK a good SDK:

It should, of course, be well-documented because otherwise, no one will get what you did there. Also, it should be easy to use and provide a comprehensive set of tools and libraries that simplify the development process. So, make sure anything that is needed can be found in your SDK.

And lastly, something you should pay attention to: Of course, your SDK should be absolutely safe to use! Make sure it is secure, reliable, and compatible with the target platform. Generally, SDKs are safe to use, provided they are developed by reputable sources and adhere to industry-standard security practices. Developers should always verify the source of an SDK before integrating it into their projects and follow best practices to ensure the security of their applications.

Additionally, a good SDK should offer excellent support, including timely updates and responsive customer service.

Benefits of SDKs

SDKs are used to facilitate the development process, providing a standardized way of building applications and games for specific platforms. These benefits of them include:

  • Time and resource savings, as developers can leverage pre-built components and tools

  • Improved compatibility with the target platform, ensuring a better user experience

  • Access to platform specific features and functions

  • Simplified development process, allowing developers to focus on unique aspects of their applications

Personally, we also use SDKs to streamline our development process, ensuring that our applications and games can be built efficiently so you can enjoy these apps with your unidice and/or smartphone. They provide a consistent quality standard that you out there can feel with every roll of the unidice.


Unleash your creativity with the unidice SDKs

The Unidice SDK is a powerful tool that allows developers and enthusiasts to create their own applications and games for the Unidice. Because of the technologically advanced design of our digital companion, our SDKs are incredibly user-friendly and easy to access. The interface allows intuitive interactions while at the same time not limiting you much in what you want to build with it. We managed to find a way to combine high-tech, top-notch quality with absolute freedom of creativity ensuring you get all the tools and resources needed to create unique applications and games yourself.

About the licensing: Unidice’s SDK licensing model is built on the same principles as the popular old Unity license model and thus making it accessible and easy for developers and gamers alike. The SDK will be available for the Unity engine, as well as Android and iOS devices, ensuring a broad reach and compatibility with various platforms. Our platform combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of virtual dice with the tactile feel of physical dice. Its powerful random number generators and compact design make it a versatile and exciting tool for literally everyone.

With the Unidice SDK, you can unlock the full potential of this innovative platform and take your gaming experience to the next level. Go crazy and use our game-changer to implement whatever use case you dream of. Don't miss the opportunity to join the community and bring your ideas to life with the Unidice SDK – the gaming platform that lets you make it your own!


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