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Tabletop Time - Building the ultimate Cyberpunk dice tower with unidice

Dice towers have been a popular accessory for board games for years, adding a touch of excitement and drama to the dice rolling experience. This collaboration between Tabletop Times and unidice takes the concept of dice towers to new heights! The result is a dice tower that not only looks great but just absolutely epic!

The unidice lying in front of a blue-ish computer screen depicting a Cyberpunk skinsset

Discover how Tabletop Times brought their cyberpunk inspired dice tower to life using unidice!

Tabletop Times decided to create a dice tower that would not only accommodate the unidice system but also capture the essence of the cyberpunk genre, which is a popular theme in board games and fits also perfectly to their current roleplaying campaign "Reboot". The intricate design of the tower, complete with neon signs, solar panels, and weathered textures, is a perfect blend of form and function.

Building the dice tower from scratch

The Tabletop Times team started with a solid foundation for the dice tower, using various materials and components to build it up piece by piece. They incorporated elements such as 3D printed window sills, LED lighting, and even salvaged cables from an old mouse. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the tower, from the Japanese signage to the rust texture on the metal surfaces. Noone has ever seen a dice tower like this!

Integrating unidice into the dice tower

While building the dice tower, the Tabletop Time Team decided to use the unidice to randomize parts of the tower itself! So they uploaded light colors, texutes and more ask skins on the dice and rolled out how it influences the dice tower! This included for example blue LED, broken glass, advertisements and more!

Creating a new die by selecting different pictures in the menu..

The unidice system was seamlessly integrated into the dice tower, elevating the gaming experience for players. With its ability to generate random characters, monsters, and loot tables with a single roll, unidice proved to be a perfect fit for the cyberpunk-themed tower. This collaboration showcases the potential for unidice to revolutionize the way we play tabletop games and board games, both in-person and online.

Playtesting the dice tower with unidice

Tabletop Times put the dice tower through rigorous playtesting, ensuring that it would enhance their gaming sessions. The team found that the unidice system, when combined with their custom-built dice tower, created a truly fun and interactive experience. Players can now easily generate NPCs, encounters, and more with a simple roll of the unidice, adding depth and unpredictability to their games and roleplaying sessions.

The successful collaboration between Tabletop Times and Unidice has paved the way for exciting new developments. The unidice Kickstarter campaign is a great opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to support this innovative technology and receive their own unidice at a significant discount. With a two-year roadmap for updates and new content, the potential for unidice to revolutionize the way we play games, both offline and online, is immense.

A rendered picture of the unidice with our cooperation foundry vtt

Playing TTRPGs online with unidice

unidice is not only a powerful tool for physical board games and TTRPGs but also has the potential to enhance virtual tabletop experiences with their Foundry VTT integration. By integrating unidice into these popular platforms, players can enjoy physical dice rolling and the and immersive gameplay in their online sessions. The possibilities for unidice in the realm of online games are vast, and the development team is committed to expanding its compatibility with various virtual platforms.

The future of unidice and board games

The collaboration between Tabletop Times and unidice demonstrates the limitless potential for innovation in the world of board games. With its versatile and customizable system, unidice has the power to transform both traditional and digital gameplay, providing players with unique and engaging experiences every time they roll the dice.


This dice tower project is just the beginning, and as unidice continues to develop new features and integrations, the future of board games, TTRPGs, and portable gaming in general has never looked brighter. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned enthusiast, unidice is poised to change the way you play, explore, and experience your favourite games. So join the revolution, support the Kickstarter campaign, and get ready to roll your way into the exciting world of unidice.


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