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Preorder Now And Save Up To 15%!


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  • What is unidice?
    The unidice is an innovative electronic dice made out of 6 touch displays, a processor, a gyroscope, and two types of storage (flash and NAND). It can communicate with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, creating a hybrid physical-digital gaming experience. It's also compatible with the Matter protocol, making it a versatile smart home controller.
  • When will the unidice release?
    The unidice is scheduled for release July of 2024 for our Kickstarter Backers and a few weeks after that for the rest of the world!
  • What games will be available with the unidice at launch?
    The games releasing with unidice include Cyberrun, House of Influence, Roll Out, Los Banditos, Dice Poker, Caesar, and Tale Spinner. We're also aiming to release unidiced Fantasies around the same time, depending on the completion of our React Native SDK.
  • Is the unidice Configurator App free?
    Yes, the Configurator App for unidice is free. It allows users to customize their dice with personal artwork, photos, and various designs.
  • Will Cyberrun be free to play for everyone?
    Yes, Cyberrun will be completely free to play, thanks to our successful Kickstarter campaign.
  • How durable is the unidice?
    The unidice is highly durable and can withstand falls up to 1.5 meters. Its size of 3.9x3.9x3.0 cm also makes it suitable for younger users.
  • What is the storage capacity of unidice?
    The unidice aims to support up to 1200 images for various gaming and customization needs.
  • How much does the unidice cost?
    The unidice is priced at 189 Euro during the preorder phase. After its market release, the price will increase to 219 Euro.
  • What is the battery life of unidice?
    The unidice offers up to 4 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge.
  • Where can I preorder unidice?
    You can preorder unidice at
  • What SDKs will release for the unidice?
    We will have SDKs for Android, IOS, Unity Engine, and later on for React Native. These tools will empower the community to create their own games, inspired by the old Unity license model.
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