Tools for the Future

Our software development kit is more than just a set of development tools. It will be designed to simplify the development process and provide relevant information for software applications creation.

For iOS devices, our SDK will provide a range of code libraries, sample code, etc. It will support Apple devices, from the iPhone to the IPad.

The Android SDK will include similar features but designed specifically for the Android operating system.

Building Upon
Community Feedback

Following our successful Kickstarter campaign, we're excited to enhance our SDKs based on community feedback. Our forthcoming unidice configurator app will be a testament to this, providing an intuitive way to customize and control your unidice.

The latest version of the SDKs will be regularly updated with security patches, support for new features, and improvements based on community feedback.

If you would like to test out the SDK for yourself, write us an E-Mail at "contact@unidice.world" with your app idea and after a talk we may include you as one of our Closed Beta Testers!

unidice sdk

unidice for

The potential of unidice extends beyond the traditional gaming arena. It aims to redefine the gamification area, turning mundane tasks into engaging activities.

Imagine your smart home devices interacting with unidice to create an engaging gamified experience.

Learning for example, throw your unidice and it will show you on top a word in English, the other sides show possible translations and you have to decide which of these is the correct answer.

But that is only one area the unidice could be used in. Look at smart homes, there the unidice could be used to control your house make your light brighter or darker by tilting the unidice.

The possibilities are nearly endless with this dice!

unidice for

unidice is not just a gaming console. Its unique dice-shaped design featuring six displays and the ability to communicate with smart devices like apps and smartphones elevates game night to a whole new level.
With our SDKs, software developers will have the tools they need to create their own applications, giving users an immersive experience.

The Unity engine SDK, for example, will empower developers to leverage Unity's rich development environment to create games that take full advantage of unidice's hardware components. It will also provide extensive code samples, access to testing tools, and support for integrating with third-party tools.

You could use the unidice, for example, as a card deck, with the unidice showing you the cards you have on your hand. You can than play them by doubletapping the specific side. Or use it as a controller to move a character around on your mobile device.

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