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The Ultimate Companion for Tabletop RPGs

Tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) are at the heart of the unidice ethos. We believe in enhancing your adventures in the realms of fantasy and beyond. With unidice's unique capabilities, it can replace all the dice you need and, in combination with the "unidice Fantasies" application, it can even handle complex calculations. We're excited to take your TTRPG experience to a whole new level.


Roll Any Dice

With unidice, you have a full set of dice at your fingertips. Whether it's a four-sided die for a quick ability check, a twelve-sided die for your wizard's spell, or the iconic twenty-sided die for that crucial moment, unidice can simulate them all. You can switch between dice types instantly, making your gaming sessions smooth and uninterrupted, or simply upload all at once and just play.

Calculation Simplified with unidice Fantasies

In the heat of an intense TTRPG session, complex calculations can slow down the pace. With the "unidice Fantasies" application, those days are behind. The app works in sync with unidice, taking over the calculations for your game. From determining attack success to calculating damage, "unidice Fantasies" ensures that your focus remains on the game and the story.

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Partnership with Ulisses Games and The Dark Eye

We're thrilled to announce our cooperation with Ulisses Games, renowned for the popular TTRPG "The Dark Eye". Our partnership has led to the development of a specialized application for "The Dark Eye", designed to handle game-specific calculations, making your adventures in Aventuria even more immersive, more infos coming soon!

Collaboration with Indie TTRPG Writers

At unidice, we're deeply invested in the TTRPG community. We're actively working on collaborations with indie TTRPG writers to bring unidice skins and more. These collaborations aim to celebrate the diverse and vibrant world of indie TTRPGs while enhancing the unidice experience for the players.

unidice represents the next step in the evolution of TTRPGs. Our mission is to create a device that enhances your gaming experience, fuels your imagination, and brings your stories to life. With unidice, we're rolling towards a future where every TTRPG session is an unforgettable adventure.


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