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Just as every gamer is unique, we believe that every unidice should be too. That's why we've created a range of unidice skins, allowing you to personalize your device and express your gaming style, in case you don't want to create your own from time to time. From sleek and modern designs to skins inspired by your favorite games, there's a unidice skin for everyone.

3 unidice Skin
Hit Location unidice Skin
d10 unidice Skin
Story Dice unidice Skin

A Palette of Styles

Our selection of skins covers a wide range of styles. For fans of minimalist aesthetics, we have skins in various monochrome shades and simple textures. If you prefer something more vibrant, we have skins in a rainbow of colors and unique patterns.

Story Dice unidice Skin
DnD unidice Skin
D20 DnD unidice Skin
Bard unidice Skin

Game-Themed Skins

Immerse yourself in your favorite games with our game-themed skins. Whether you're a fan of fantasy RPGs, thrilling sci-fi adventures, or classic board games, you'll find a skin that resonates with your gaming preferences. These skins are designed to reflect the essence of different gaming genres, adding an extra dimension to your gaming sessions.

Kingdom of Death unidice Skin
Marvel Zombie Dice unidice Skin
Avatar  unidice Skin
Alien unidice Skin

Customize Your unidice

In addition to our range of pre-designed skins, you also have the option to customize your own unidice skin. Using the unidice configurator app, you can choose colors, textures, and even upload your own images or designs. This way, you can create a unidice that truly reflects your personality and style.

With unidice skins, your device becomes more than just a tool for gaming - it becomes a personal statement. Choose a skin that resonates with your style and let your unidice shine. After all, gaming is all about expressing oneself, and what better way to do so than with a unidice that's uniquely yours.

Cthulhu unidice Skin
DnD unidice Skin
D20 DnD unidice Skin
King of Tokyo unidice Skin


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