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The history and evolution of dice

Greetings fellow dice rollers! Today is about the history of dice. I want to give you an overview about their origin, their (material) composition and what they were and are used for. A really thrilling topic if you ask me, so let’s have a little trip together through the history of dice. Nice. Apologies to my dear colleagues at Unidice, I couldn't resist dropping that joke somewhere!

So first of all, we have to clarify the term: Dice. Why? Well, we all have to admit, that we sometimes find ourselves accidentally saying things like: “I threw a dice, and it came up 4” and technically this is kinda incorrect because “die” is singular and “dice” is plural. When I came to Unidice, it took me a while to fully grasp the word juggling here but it is actually genius. Unidice. Dice. But in reality it is one die. One die that can simulate multiple dice for any kind of use case. A unidice. Blew my mind to be honest! Probably this was already obvious to you anyways but I was so fascinated when I realized that. But I digress, sorry. Professionality mode: On. You are here for the history. So, follow me into the rabbit hole.


Where it began

Dice are human-crafted tools with a variety of purposes. They have been a part of our history for millennia, serving as tools for divination, building things, gambling, and gaming. The earliest known dice date back to around 5000 BCE, made from natural materials such as bone, stone, and wood. These early dice were often non-numeric, so no numbers and just marked simple dots or symbols to represent different things. Generating random numbers or output in general was essential for games of chance, as well as for predicting the future in some cultures.

From bones to modern dice

As tools were developing the way we could shape our environment and craft things with more and more precision, over time, dice evolved into more standardized forms. Materials like ivory, glass, and eventually plastic were used to create them. The most common type of modern dice is the cubic die, featuring six faces marked with a counting sequence of dots ranging from one to six. These dice are designed with equal probability for each face, ensuring fair play in games. But this is something that was only made possible by us humans mastering the use of high-precision tools. If you can’t believe that, just try crafting a perfectly balanced die out of…whatever, wood, soapstone, plastic. It is really way harder than you might think!

A world of shapes: Polyhedral dice

However, some humans escalated a bit with experimenting on the shapes. While the six-sided die remains the most popular, several dice of other shapes have been developed throughout history. These include tetrahedral dice with four sides, octahedral dice with eight sides, and even spherical dice, which require a special dice cup to roll properly. These various shapes are often used in modern board games and tabletop role-playing games, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy.

About the Cheaters

Unfortunately, not all dice throughout history have been fair. Loaded dice, intentionally designed with a bias toward certain numbers, have been used to cheat in games of chance. The art of creating with these little things has evolved as well, with modern iterations being difficult to detect without close examination.

dice bag

Non-numeric dice: A creative twist

Beyond traditional numbered dice, non-numeric dice have found their place in the world of gaming. These dice feature symbols, colours, or images instead of numbers, and are often used in storytelling games or as creative tools for decision-making. The versatility of non-numeric dice showcases the imaginative ways in which people have adapted and repurposed dice for various forms of entertainment.

The digital revolution: The newcomer in the history and evolution of dice

With the advent of modern technology, the concept of dice has expanded into the digital realm. Virtual dice and random number generators have become popular tools for online gaming and digital applications, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of rolling dice without the need for physical dice. These virtual dice offer the same excitement and unpredictability as their physical counterparts while providing the convenience and accessibility of digital platforms.


unidice: The future of the dice revolution

Arriving at present time, my friends, things get even more exciting! As we enter the era of advanced technology and digital interactivity, unidice stands at the forefront of the latest stage in dice evolution. Combining traditional and virtual dice with groundbreaking technology, Unidice offers a unique, immersive, and personalized gaming experience that transcends traditional dice gaming.


Our console features six highly durable displays and advanced hardware and sensors, enabling you users to create and customize whatever dice you wish for, be it with unique colours, patterns, and symbols or linking sounds that ring out on your connected smartphone when you roll the unidice. With its highly advanced random number generators, Unidice guarantees perfect randomness with every roll, ensuring fair gameplay and an authentic dice-rolling experience. Its accompanying app allows users to easily design and upload their creations, making unidice a versatile and user-friendly platform for all types of gamers.


With our unidice we want to open up to an all-including worldwide community of people. Not only does unidice cater to the needs of tabletop RPG enthusiasts and board game aficionados, but it also has the potential to revolutionize other aspects of our daily lives. From decision-making tools to creative storytelling prompts, unidice is an innovative and adaptable device that opens up a world of possibilities for both gaming and everyday use.


In conclusion, the history and evolution of dice is a fascinating journey that reflects the creativity, innovation, and adaptability of human culture. From ancient bones to modern polyhedral dice, and now to the cutting-edge technology of our everyday companion, the world of dice has come a long way. As we continue to embrace the digital age, unidice represents the exciting future of dice gaming, offering a truly personalized and immersive experience for gamers and non-gamers alike.


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