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Exploring the World of Hybrid Gaming with unidice

Hi everyone!

Today we’ll have a bit of a chit-chat about hybrid gaming. Since we from unidice are non-stop talking about how perfectly our 6-sided companion enriches this niche, this is definitely a topic we need talk about a bit more in detail. So, get ready, here comes a quick deep dive into the world of hybrid games, my friends!

unidice hybrid game

What is hybrid gaming?

Maybe first of all, we should define the term of hybrid gaming, so we are all on the same page. "Hybrid" means something is of two different origins. So, in the context of e.g. university lectures that could mean, that the lecture is held in presence and also online. When we talk about “hybrid gaming” it means that the world of analogue games is being fused with the digital world. Perhaps you still remember games from a few years ago where, in addition to the game board, you had to insert a DVD. There, you were shown how certain things work, parts of the story were revealed, or crucial puzzles had to be solved. Despite being a biiiit outdated nowadays, this way a kind of refreshing way play.

These days, of course, we have so many more options to explore the possibilities of hybrid gaming. And our unidice is the perfect example for this. In fact, we believe, that the unidice will be an enormous revolution to the whole world of gaming. And here is why:

Unidice: A revolutionary gaming console

Besides imitating the haptics of a casual D6, a well-known (btw very ancient) gaming utensil that is highly intuitive to use, the unidice combines this with highly advanced technology. unidice is not just as any other gaming console. It's a game-changing device that takes the best features of handheld consoles, such as portability and ease of use, and combines them with innovative technology to create an immersive gaming experience. Thus, it brings a really unique twist to all your gaming sessions as well as to your everyday life in general.

Unlike the standard handheld consoles, unidice isn't limited to a predefined set of games available in a shop. It’s more akin to a portable gaming console plus, allowing for a range of interactive movements and customization that bring your gaming experience to life. Of course, we are also a bit nerdy and constantly developing new applications and games for the unidice, but if you have a need of or a dream of something special, you can absolutely go crazy on developing your own stuff with the help of our SDKs.


So, why not just try it out? Enter an entire new era of hybrid gaming together with us! Meet a world of gaming where the charm of handheld gaming consoles meets the power and flexibility of PC games and board games fused together. Don’t miss out on the possibility to hop on board our ship that sails toward a new horizon of gaming experience! Unidice is redefining the boundaries of hybrid gaming and immersive technology to the fullest. It offers a unique twist to portable gaming, enhancing your gaming experience in ways you never thought possible.

unidice config app

Seamless integration with your favourite games

One of the standout features of unidice is its ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing board gaming, as well as TTRPG collection. Unidice is able to enhance every gaming experience thanks to its customizability. But there is actually more to that:

As we already teased you above, unidice will also come with its own digital games, that are still played with the unidice as a controller. We at unidice will release a bunch of games on release, but you, our dear community, will have free access to our SDKs to make programming own applications for the unidice an easy and joyful project.

With bidirectional communication technology, unidice interacts with your smart device, adding a layer of immersion to your gameplay. Imagine rolling the unidice and watching as your smartphone instantly responds with sound effects, animations, and even personalized messages.

For example, take a DnD session: Imagine your group facing off against a formidable troll: the wizard unleashes a fiery explosion SWOOSH, the barbarian delivers a thunderous blow with his hammer THONG, and the sneaky assassin strikes the decisive blow from the shadows SNITCH. The troll falls with a resounding thud. The die lights up golden: "Enemy slain! Quest completed!” And if you're ever unsure about what's required for a successful outcome after some complex rolls, no worries! Just specify those conditions in the app, and the unidice will automatically proceed to the next dice roll formula and simulate all the digital dice you need for them.

It's like stepping into a whole new world of hybrid gaming, where the physical and digital realms merge seamlessly, and you can just sit back and enjoy all the interactive universes that are out there to be discovered.

Unidice and the future of hybrid gaming

So, let’s conclude. Hybrid gaming is an incredibly immersive way to step into new interactive worlds. And with the unidice you’ll have the key in your very own hand that gives you full access to this mysterious realm because unidice goes beyond being just a handheld gaming device or a fancy display to show your grandma pictures on. With its advanced hardware and sensors, it's able to respond to a range of interactive movements, like having a magic wand in your hand that responds to every tiny gesture, whether you're shaking it, rolling, sliding, throwing, tapping, sliding, twisting…you name it!

Whether you're a fan of great games like hot ‘n’ fresh AAA titles or you're a casual player who enjoys the occasional web browsing on your tablet or you just like daddling old retro games, unidice offers a new way to experience your most favourite universe. And, if you ever wondered, with its excellent battery life, you can actually enjoy your portable console for hours on end.

In a world where new consoles are constantly being released and the next generation of gaming is always around the corner, unidice stands out as a unique and innovative addition to the gaming landscape being a tool that brings a fresh perspective to hybrid gaming and thus making it an exciting proposition for gamers everywhere.

So why settle for an old-fashioned console that offers you no freedom at all, when this is actually what everyone deserves. It's time to take your handheld gaming in your own hands! Ah, I love placing these sneaky random jokes everywhere! Let’s just fantasize a bit about all the new possibilities opening up with having a unidice. Maybe a game comes to your mind that you would love to experience on a way more immersive level or maybe you are even developing your own (board) game that just needs its final layer of interaction and excitement.

Go crazy on your ideas and note them down, because the unidice will be at your doorstep in no time at all!


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