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Your Interactive Smart Home Controller

At unidice, we're taking smart home control to the next level. Our innovative device, designed to interact seamlessly with various smart devices, can transform the way you manage your home environment. From setting the perfect temperature to dimming the lights for a cozy evening, unidice makes controlling your smart home as simple and fun as rolling a dice.

Seamless Home Environment Control

unidice can integrate with your smart home ecosystem and offer you a unique, interactive way to control your devices. With a simple roll, tilt or tap, you can adjust your home's temperature, turn on or off your lights, manage your home security system, or even start your coffee machine.

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Personalized Scenes and Routines

Create personalized scenes and routines with unidice. Prepare for bed by simply rolling the dice to a side that turns off your lights, locks the doors, and sets your alarm. Or, wake up to a morning routine that opens the blinds, starts your favorite playlist, and preps your breakfast.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

unidice, with its six-display interface and intuitive design, is easy to use for everyone in the family. Whether it's elderly members who find conventional controllers complex or kids who find them boring, unidice offers a fun, simple alternative to control your smart home devices.

Energy Management

unidice can also help manage your home's energy consumption. By integrating with your home's energy monitoring systems, it can provide real-time information about your energy usage and suggest ways to save energy.

SDKs to Unlock Endless Possibilities

With our upcoming SDKs for Android, iOS, and Unity, developers can create apps that allow unidice to tap into the vast potential of smart home control. Whether it's a new way to interact with your security system or a unique method to control your smart kitchen appliances, the possibilities are endless.

At unidice, we believe in the power of technology to make everyday life more comfortable and exciting. By combining gaming technology with smart home control, we're rolling forward to a future where managing your home is as fun and interactive as game night.


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