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Time Tracking With unidice

Stay on top of your time management with unidice. In association with various time tracking apps, our device can help you keep a precise record of your work hours. Simply roll the dice to start, pause, or stop the timer, making time tracking a fun, seamless part of your routine.

The New Controller For Presentations

Imagine controlling your presentations with a roll of the dice. With unidice's unique design and ability to connect with smart devices, it can double as a presentation controller. Linked with your presentation app, navigate through slides with a simple roll or a tap. This not only enhances the presentation experience but also makes it more engaging for the audience.

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More Than Just A Gaming Console

unidice's potential reaches beyond gaming. With its intuitive design and integration with apps, it can be customized for a multitude of office applications. For example, it could be paired with calendar apps to display reminders or notifications about upcoming meetings or tasks.

Data Visualization and Collaboration

Imagine an office meeting where unidice displays data, charts, or crucial information. This can aid in visualizing complex ideas or concepts and promote collaborative discussions. The dice can be passed around, allowing everyone to contribute and interact with the data.


A Whole SDK To Customize Your Experience

Our forthcoming SDKs for Android, iOS, and Unity will provide developers with the tools to build apps that tap into the office applications potential of unidice. They will not only be able to create their own office apps but also customize existing ones to be compatible with unidice.

The unidice journey doesn't stop at gaming. It's a revolution waiting to happen in your office. So, are you ready to roll the dice and transform your work experience? Let's create a dynamic, interactive, and fun-filled office environment with unidice.


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