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A Game-Changing Tool for Healthcare and Therapy

At unidice, we're not just about gaming. We're about revolutionizing interactions across numerous fields. One area ripe for such innovation is healthcare and therapy. By leveraging our device's unique interactive capabilities in conjunction with specialized apps, we believe unidice can bring transformative changes to the healthcare and therapy sectors.

Patient Engagement and Rehabilitation

unidice can serve as a powerful tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Paired with tailored apps, it can be used to create engaging exercises that improve coordination, dexterity, and strength. Imagine a patient recovering from a hand injury, using the unidice to perform various movements and tracking their progress through an app.

Mental Health and Well-being

Mental health is another crucial area where unidice can make a difference. Through gamification, unidice can provide interactive mental health exercises and mindfulness activities. Users can engage with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises or meditation guides, turning therapy into a more accessible, engaging experience.

Elderly Care and Engagement

For the elderly, unidice can act as an interactive device that promotes engagement, memory recall, and cognitive function. It can be programmed to display reminders for medication or play memory-boosting games. The simple, intuitive design makes it easy for seniors to use, since it is still a die.

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SDKs: Expanding unidice's Healthcare Potential

Our forthcoming SDKs for Android, iOS, and Unity will provide developers with the tools to build apps that tap into the office applications potential of unidice. They will not only be able to create their own office apps but also customize existing ones to be compatible with unidice.


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