unidice, the ultimate dice roller


What is unidice?

unidiceis a state-of-the-art digital dice designed to merge the tactile pleasure oftraditional dice-rolling with cutting-edge technology, offering an unmatchedgaming and gamification experience.

How do the displays on the dice work?

Eachface of the unidice has its own touch display, which can showcase everythingfrom basic pips to detailed graphics or user-created content, allowing forendless customization.


Can I customize what the display show?

Absolutely!Using the "unidice Configuration App", you can create your own skinsand designs, assigning various images, text, numbers, and frames to differentsides of the dice.

Is the unidice durable?

Yes,unidice is built with multi-bonded plastic sheets, which are highly durable.The hardware inside the dice is fixed and protected from the external rollingforces. It can withstand falls of up to 1.5m, ensuring durability duringintense gaming sessions.

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Where can I buy a unidice?

Youcan currently preorder the unidice here: https://unidice.stimulus-games.com

When will the unidice release?

It will release mid 2024.

How much will the unidice cost?

It will cost around 199 Euro.


With which games will the unidice release?

The unidice will release with a couple of game, that you can check out here: https://www.unidice.world/games

Can I develop my own games?

Certainly! With the unidice SDKs (Android, IOS, Unity), users can craft their own games, customize interactions, and even redefine traditional game mechanics.


Can I use it for any board game or RPG?

Yes, unidice is versatile and can be used for a wide range of board games and RPGs.Its customization options and companion apps make it adaptable to variousgaming scenarios.


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