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unidice: Your Versatile Dice

Traditional dice are confined by their physical form. unidice, however, brings versatility to the game table. Each screen can simulate a different die, enabling you to switch between games effortlessly or to have all dice for a game with just one throw. Whether it's a classic six-sided die or a twenty-sided, unidice can seamlessly adapt to your gaming needs.

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Customize with unidice Configurator App

With the unidice configurator app, you can customize each side of your unidice. You can design unique dice for your games, add symbols or images, or even write custom messages. This allows for infinite personalization of your gaming experience, making each game night unique.

The Power of Hybrid Games

The advent of unidice heralds a new era of hybrid games – a blend of traditional board games with the dynamic potential of digital technology. unidice can interact with apps to enhance gameplay, provide real-time updates, or even create immersive soundscapes. Imagine playing a detective board game with unidice providing you with clues or a fantasy game where unidice conjures magical sound effects. The possibilities are endless.


Community and SDKs

Our upcoming SDKs for Android, iOS, and Unity engine will enable the unidice community and third-party developers to create a whole new generation of board games tailored for unidice. With these development tools, we can't wait to see the innovative board games that will emerge.

At unidice, we're excited to be part of the evolution of board games. We believe in the blend of tradition and innovation, and with unidice, we're rolling towards a future where every game night is a unique and immersive experience. Whether you're a board game novice or a seasoned gamer, unidice is set to transform your tabletop experience. Let the good times roll!


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