Why Dice Roller Apps will be a thing of the past

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
March 14, 2023

Dice rollers, dice roller apps, "download dice", and virtual dice have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and accessibility. However, while they may seem like a great alternative to physical dice, they come with several significant drawbacks that make them less than ideal for many gaming scenarios.

Why will the be a thing of the past?

Lack of Tactile Feedback

One of the biggest drawbacks of using dice rollers or virtual dices is the lack of tactile feedback. Physical dice have a weight and texture that make them feel satisfying to roll and handle. In contrast, virtual dice lack this physical sensation, which can be a significant disadvantage for players who enjoy the sensory experience of playing games.

Limited Interactivity

Dice rollers and virtual dices often lack interactivity, which can make them less engaging for players. In many cases, players simply click a button to roll the dice, which can become repetitive and dull. Traditional dice, on the other hand, allow players to engage with the game in a more dynamic and interactive way.

Limited Customization Options

Virtual dice often have limited customization options compared to traditional dice. While some virtual dice rollers may allow players to choose from a few different colors or designs, they generally do not offer the same level of customization as traditional dice. Players who enjoy collecting unique or custom dice may find virtual dice to be a disappointment in this regard.

Potential for Biased or Imperfect Randomization

Virtual dice rollers and apps rely on simple computer algorithms to generate random numbers, which can sometimes result in biased or imperfect randomization. This can be particularly frustrating for players who rely on randomization to determine outcomes in their games. In contrast, traditional dice are less prone to biases and imperfections, making them a more reliable option for many gaming scenarios.

Limited Compatibility with Some Games

Some games require players to roll dice in specific ways, such as rolling multiple dice at once or rolling dice in a particular order. A virtual dice roller app may not be able to replicate these unique requirements, making them unsuitable for certain games. In contrast, traditional dice can be manipulated in any way necessary to accommodate the specific needs of each game.

Why unidice will replace dice roller apps

Feedback, despite being digital

The use of digital devices and applications to roll dice has been a common practice in the gaming community. However, this approach often fails to provide the tactile feedback that players crave, thereby reducing the overall immersive experience. This is where the unidice comes in.

The unidice is a new kind of dice that allows players to roll two dice, or three dice, generally said up to six dice, with the same satisfying tactile feedback as traditional dice. Its six highly durable displays provide a realistic haptic experience with every dice roll, making it difficult to differentiate between rolling a traditional die and rolling the unidice.

The unidice also takes the experience to the next level, responding to a range of interactive movements that bring gaming to life. Players can shake the dice to achieve the perfect roll in confined areas, tilt it to control a character, or tap it to trigger special effects, providing a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Furthermore, the unidice's advanced hardware and sensors feature bidirectional communication technology, which allows players to save events and trigger responses from their smart devices, taking gaming immersion to a whole new level.

Even more customizable than traditional dice!

Digital dice have become increasingly popular among gamers, but one of their major drawbacks is the lack of customization options they offer. Most online dice rollers and applications provide only a few basic colors and styles to choose from, leaving gamers feeling uninspired and unengaged. Fortunately, the unidice offers a solution to this problem by combining the tactile feedback of traditional dice with advanced hardware and sensors, creating a unique and personalized gaming experience, so you can make your dice roll with style.

The unidice offers unparalleled customization options with its six highly durable displays. It can display a wide range of colors, patterns, artworks, illustrations, photos, and designs, all fully customizable to suit personal preferences. With endless possibilities for customization, players can match their dice to their favorite character's outfit or create a unique design to reflect their own style. The bidirectional communication technology also allows players to save their dice sets and keep a record of their dice roll.

Thanks to the helpful companion applications the developer of unidice created for Android and IOS it is super simple to set a different number for each dice face. When you start a new dice design, the dice creators even automatically add all the needed numbers for the dice you chose! Future applications of unidice will also support events that trigger sound effects from your music library from your smartphone. With this live events support, nothing can stop you when you use the unidice to access the new age of dice roller!

The unidice can simulate one dice, two dice, three dice, ... up to six dice at once, and each and every single one of them can be customized completely. BTW - if you decide to upload a party game to your dice, don't forget to invite friends over to share the fun with them!

The perfect fusion of the physical and digital world

The unidice is a revolutionary new type of dice that combines the best features of both traditional and digital dice. It allows players to interact with their dice in a way that other dice cannot replicate. The unidice enables players to shake, tilt, and tap the dice to trigger special effects and responses, adding a new dimension to the gaming experience. By combining these interactive features, the unidice provides unparalleled customization options allowing players to create unique designs.

With its six highly durable displays, the unidice can display various colors, patterns, and designs, all fully customizable to suit the player's preferences. The options for customization are endless. Whether a player wants to match their dice to their favorite character's outfit or create a unique design to reflect their own style, or if they want to create completely other dice, the physical dice roller offers the flexibility to achieve their desired aesthetic and makes sure you can make your dice roll in style.


The unidice Kickstarter campaign will release on the 16th of March 2023 - so keep track of the date to get your ticket to one of the first unidice. Get informed when Kickstarter is finally happening by following us on Kickstarter (by joining the waiting list) to not miss our little release date!


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