Unleashing the Power of Gamification with unidice: Transforming Office, Therapy, Healthcare, Learning, and Smart Home Environments

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
July 4, 2023

In the landscape of digital advancements, gamification has emerged as a potent tool to enhance engagement, motivation, and learning in various settings – offices, therapy rooms, healthcare, classrooms, and even smart homes. Key to this transformation is unidice, a revolutionary electronic dice that takes gamification to new heights.

‍From Physical Dice to Electronic Dice

The history of dice dates back thousands of years. The simple act of a dice roll has been a way to generate random numbers and add an element of chance to games. Traditionally, a player would throw one or two dice, with the random result determining the next move in the game.

Unidice, however, takes the concept of the dice roll to the next level. While it may look and feel slightly heavier than a standard die (the singular form of dice), unidice is far from typical. This electronic dice is equipped with individual HD displays on each face and a responsive gyroscope that recognizes movements like throws and rolls. As a result, unidice offers an interactive gaming experience that outperforms other dice in terms of versatility and engagement.

The Power of Randomness

The dice roll has always been a fair and unbiased way to generate random numbers. Random number generators, the digital equivalent of a dice roll, provide a convenient way to add randomness to digital games. However, the unidice takes this a step further. It can simulate a coin toss, a dice roll, or even a random selection from a range of images or sounds, adding a new level of diversity to the randomness.

In a learning context, for example, a teacher could use the unidice to decide which student will answer the next question or which topic the class will explore next. The random result ensures fairness, and the visual element makes the process more engaging.

Changing the Game

The unidice is much more than just an upgraded version of physical dice. With its versatile application, it has the potential to transform not just tabletop games, but gamification as a whole.

In an office setting, managers could use unidice in team-building exercises or to determine who will present in the next meeting. Therapists could use it as a tool to guide the course of therapy sessions, allowing the dice roll to decide the next topic of discussion. For medical purposes, unidice could be used in rehabilitation exercises, with the roll deciding which exercise will be performed next.

And it doesn't stop there. The unidice app allows users to customize the faces of the dice, adding another layer of versatility. This means you can fit it perfectly to your use-case, whether that's for a D&D campaign, a game of Monopoly, or a corporate team-building exercise.

While the concept of dice rolling has been around for centuries, the electronic dice unidice redefines what a dice roll can be. Slightly heavier than traditional dice, unidice boasts of HD displays on each face and a gyroscope that detects movements like throws and rolls. Far from the random number generators used online, unidice offers a physical embodiment of randomness in the digital age, providing an interactive and engaging tool for diverse applications.

Gamification in the Office

unidice has the potential to revolutionize office environments. Imagine using this tool in team-building activities where the roll of the dice decides which team takes on a particular challenge. Or consider a scenario where a dice roll determines the order of presentations in a meeting. The unidice can add an element of fun, fairness, and excitement to everyday tasks, making them more engaging and enjoyable. Its customizable sides, which can display images or sounds, provide a more immersive experience compared to other types of dice.

Therapy and Healthcare: The Role of Randomness

In the realm of therapy and healthcare, the unidice can serve as an innovative tool for patient engagement. For instance, a therapist might use a dice roll to determine the topic of a session or the next exercise in a rehabilitation program. In a difficult case where patients may be resistant to certain topics or tasks, the use of unidice can inject an element of randomness and play, reducing resistance and enhancing cooperation. The random result ensures a fair approach and adds an unexpected element that can stimulate interest and engagement.

Learning with unidice

In learning environments, unidice can be a game-changer. Teachers can use it to decide which student answers a question or which subject the class will study next. It could also be used in games to help children learn numbers or simple math. The tactile experience of rolling a physical dice, combined with the digital feedback on its faces, can make learning more interactive and fun, aiding better retention of knowledge.

Smart Homes and unidice

unidice can also find a place in the modern smart home. For instance, in a family game night, the unidice can add a novel twist to classics like Monopoly or Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). But beyond games, it can be used to decide who gets control of the TV remote or whose turn it is to do the dishes. This element of play can add fun to mundane household tasks and help solve conflicts in a fair and engaging way.

More complex usages with the help of the unidice SDK

With the help of the unidice Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Android, iOS, and Unity Engine, creating companion applications for the unidice is a breeze. These SDKs open the door for developers to design and implement custom applications that can communicate with and control the unidice, leveraging its full potential. This means you can build an application to dictate the behavior of the unidice, alter its displays, or even incorporate its interactive elements into the application's functionality. Whether you're developing a unique game, an educational tool, or a therapeutic aid, the unidice SDKs provide the means to bring your creative vision to life.


The unidice is revolutionizing gamification in myriad ways. From office settings to therapy rooms, from classrooms to smart homes, this tool brings the fun and unpredictability of dice rolls into the digital age. With its customizable faces and interactive features, unidice offers endless possibilities for enhancing engagement, learning, and fun across various domains of life.


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