unidice: The Must-Have for Every Board Game & TTRPG Enthusiast

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
March 5, 2023

Tabletop role-playing and board games have been popular for decades. Gamers of all ages adore rolling dice to play their favorite roles.

From now on this requires just one unidice.

So, why is it “The Must-Have Accessory for Every Board Game & TTRPG Enthusiast”?

What's a "unidice"? Why is it a Must-Have?

Players might utilize the unidice, a physical dice simulating many virtual dice, instead of several dice. It's a useful accessory for many tabletop roleplaying and board games. Players can replace up to 6 dice with the unidice. D4, D6, D20, or a mix of dice doesn't matter! It can basically replace any a polyhedral dice regardless of shapes! It is more than just a bunch random number generators, though! As long as the unidice rolls, random numbers get generated. When it stops, the random number generators stop, too, displaying the last calculated results!

Unidice features

Each board game or tabletop roleplaying game player needs a unidice due to its various uses. Its qualities include:


Its versatility makes it useful for all types of TTRPPG or board game players!

BTW, if you want to know more about the points mentioned above and why the unidice is the ultimate dice roller keep on reading. Everything will be explained in great detail!

A Must-Have during the Kickstarter Campaign

The unidice will be available for preorder on Kickstarter beginning March 16th. Here’s a chance for fans of board games and tabletop roleplaying games to get their hands on this essential gear at a reduced price Backers can help bring the unidice to life and join the growing community of gamers who love this revolutionary gaming console.

If you’re interested check out Kickstarter.

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It is not only a random number generator!

unidice not only consists of six random number generators that are able to replace any polyhedral dice! As long as the unidice rolls after throwing it, it is generating random numbers. Once it stops rolling, the generating random numbers stops, too, displaying the random numbers that were calculated last. Due to the many calculations, there is pretty much an equal probability for each number to show up during dice rolls. Some would say that it is even more random than the normal dice you use in dice games.

How to Customize the unidice?

How to Make Your Own Distinctive Virtual Dice Designs

Unleash your creativity with the Unidice Configuration App – it’s an awesome tool that allows you to craft your own, one-of-a-kind dice designs. The best part is that it will be absolutely free on both Apple and Android devices!

The unidice configuration tool offers users the power to design and create their own unique dice, by uploading images, graphics or pictures which enables the creation of non numeric dice aswell. Moreover, players can add text or numbers on any side of these dice for an even more personalized touch! Whether you want a 4-sided Dice or 100-sides – it doesn’t matter; with this app anything is possible! Unlock your creative potential and open up new possibilities like never before; from party games to dice games – all limited only by your imagination.

How to upload the virtual dice to the unidice

As soon as players have crafted their personalized dice, they can apply it to a 3D model of the unidice. You are even able to select which die will always appear on the top or bottom side. The unidice has gyroscope sensors that detect which side is at the top/bottom after each roll and seamlessly switches up its skins positioning if this feature is activated. With a myriad of customizable setups available – think one D6 at the top, three D20s at the sides, and an accompanying hit location die perched at the bottom – you’ll be able to craft your own version of optimal gaming with no limits!

Choose number of sides for the unidice via app

Share Your Creative Designs for the unidice

Pick a display and the digital die you created

With the configuration app, users can share their custom dice creations with others in an instant via email, text message, or any website and social media platform they choose. Imagine a community of creative minds united by exchanging unique designs to craft incredible sets of dice! Showcase your design skills today and make something truly special that stands out from all the rest.

Unleash your creativity with the unidice configuration app! Create one-of-a-kind custom dice right in the comfort of your own home. From board gamers to tabletop RPG enthusiasts, there is something for everyone thanks to its user friendly interface and expansive customization options. Personalize existing designs or create brand new ones from scratch – whatever you want, it’s as easy as rolling a die with this powerful yet simple tool!

Durability is of course a Must-Have!

Throughout creation, the Unidice was rigorously tested to guarantee that it could resist any drops that may occur during gameplay. The device’s durability was evaluated by submitting it to thousands of drops from varying heights and roll speeds onto a wide range of surfaces (including tile, hardwood, and stone).

The tests were performed to assess the safety of the unidice and ensure that it could resist any possible drops. As a result, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the gadget can withstand falls from 1.5 meters in height.

Unidice are so resilient that players need not worry about inadvertent drops ruining their setups. The superb quality of the unidice’s manufacturing is only one of the many reasons why tabletop game and tabletop RPG aficionados must have them.

Must-Have for Every Board Game & TTRPG Enthusiast

An appetizer for the next blog post:

Cyberrun - A futuristic action game created for the unidice!

Cyberrun is Unidice’s first science fiction adventure game. On an extraterrestrial planet, players combat cybernetic enemies and artificial robots in one-on-one or multiplayer matches.


Cyberrun is a game where players decide what to do and how to do it by rolling a unidice. You may improve your image and enlist the aid of allies to achieve your goals. If you want something intense and challenging that won’t take too much time, this game is for you. Twenty to forty minutes is a typical playthrough time for each level.

The unidice rollls and Action Points (AP) control what players utilize to take actions. If the rolled items match the enemy’s weak spots, threats may be neutralized and their weak points targeted. The game’s six item categories provide variety.

The Story

Cyberrun shows a metropolis on a weird planet where human and alien symbionts live together. The fragile peace pact between the two parties is still threatened by corruption. As a player, you must uncover the truth about Cybertechnology and ensure the harmonious coexistence of human and alien symbionts.


A smartphone or tablet and a unidice are needed for Cyberrun.

Cyberrun’s sci-fi strategy, action, and unidice make it an interesting new smartphone game. Alone or multiplayer, the game is fascinating and fun. No need to learn rules, the unidice and the game act as a game master taking over all responsibility. The track the progress, and even the cards in this card game (or dice game)!

About the Lithium 350 mAh Battery

The Lithium-ion battery has been a game changer for modern technology, powering devices from smartphones to electric cars – or even the unidice – since 1991. One of the most widely used batteries is the Lithium 350 mAh battery–so let’s dive into all its features, benefits, and applications! From size and capacity to use cases, this article covers everything you need to know about the innovative Lithium 350 mAh battery.

Introduction to the Lithium 350 mAh Battery

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Features of the Lithium 350 mAh Battery

With its incredible energy density and low self-discharge rate, the Lithium 350 mAh battery is a must-have for all electronic devices. Its small size allows it to store more power in less space, making it perfect for those applications where space is minimal. Additionally, with its low self-discharge rate you can trust that your device will remain charged even when not being used frequently – ensuring maximum efficiency at all times!

The Lithium 350 mAh battery stands out with its remarkable cycle life, so you can charge and discharge multiple times without sacrificing capacity. This feature makes it an ideal option for any situation where frequent charging is necessary. On top of that, the fast-charging mechanism saves time when compared to other batteries since device owners need not wait long periods before their devices are ready to use again.

Summary of the Benefits of the Lithium 350 mAh Battery

The Lithium 350 mAh battery has several advantages over other batteries. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Astonishing energy density – this battery packs a powerful punch, allowing it to store more power in an incredibly small package! This makes it perfect for use on all types of portable electronics devices.
  • Low self-discharge rate – when not used frequently, you don’t need to worry about your device losing its charge anytime soon as the Lithium 350 mAh holds onto that charge better than any other type of similar battery out there! It is reliable and dependable no matter what kind or how often you use your electronic device.
  • The Lithium 350 mAh battery is both economical and efficient, making it the perfect option for those using their device regularly. Not only does this powerhouse pack a long lifespan to save you money in replacements over time, but can be fully charged quickly so your portable devices are powered up again without delay!

Compared to other types of rechargeable batteries, such as Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, the Lithium-ion battery has a longer lifespan and is less prone to memory effect. Memory effect is a phenomenon where a battery loses its capacity to hold a charge over time, which can lead to reduced battery life.


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