The unidice Revolution: How Digital Dice are Reshaping the Gaming World

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
July 4, 2023

A dice roll – the act of shaking a small cube, letting it fly, and leaving your fate to the random result – has been at the heart of gaming for centuries. Whether it's a thrilling game of Dungeons & Dragons, a tense round of backgammon, or a fun-filled game of Yahtzee, the dice roller is a fundamental tool in the world of games.

However, the dawn of the digital age has brought a whole new dimension to the dice roll. Introducing unidice, the revolutionary physical dice that will transform how we play games.

The Magic of Digital Dice Roller

At first glance, unidice might seem like just another physical dice. But the resemblance ends there. Each face of this fully digitized cube has an individual HD display capable of showing anything from simple numerical pips to intricate images or user-generated content.

unidice merges the best features of virtual dice with the tactile satisfaction of physical dice, offering an unparalleled gaming experience. No longer do you need to settle for the constraints of traditional two dice; with unidice, the number of dice, the number range, and the aesthetics are all customizable. You have the power to define your gaming universe.

Beyond Random Number Generators

The traditional dice roll is essentially a physical random number generator. When you roll a die (the singular form of dice), the result is left to chance, to randomness. This element of chance can bring fun and unpredictability to games.

But unidice takes this randomness to the next level. Thanks to its innovative technology, it can simulate coin toss, a range of dice rolls, and much more. By doing so, it expands the possible range of random numbers and adds even more diversity to your games.

The Future of Tabletop Games

Tabletop games have typically relied on the roll of the dice to dictate the direction of play. With unidice, these games can benefit from a whole new layer of interaction. The dice can be programmed to show specific images or text, adding a visual and narrative richness to games.

But that's not all. The unidice, equipped with a gyroscope, can detect when it's thrown, tilted, rolled, or tapped. These movements can be mapped to specific actions in the game, making the gaming experience even more immersive.

For example, a double-tapping at the right time might trigger a dragon to appear in your Dungeons & Dragons campaign, or a certain throw could initiate a surprise event in a round of The Dark Eye. The possibilities are as infinite as your imagination.

More than a Gaming Tool

The unidice isn't just a gaming tool; it's a platform for fun and creativity. With the unidice Configuration App, you can design your own dice, creating unique visuals for each face. In this way, the unidice becomes a canvas for your imagination, a means to manifest your creative ideas in a fun and interactive form.


The unidice is a potent example of how technology can enrich traditional forms of play. By merging the benefits of physical and digital dice, it offers a truly unique gaming experience.

The unidice isn't just the future of dice; it's the future of gaming. Whether you're playing a round of Dungeons & Dragons, throwing the ball in a game of backgammon, or designing your own gaming experience, unidice is the tool you need.

The unidice revolution is here, and it promises to take the fun and excitement of games to a whole new level. Are you ready to roll?


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