The Artstyle of unidice

Cynthia Böll
March 5, 2023

The unidice art is a reflection of the unidice vision: To connect even the most diverse communities across the globe. This is why the game art style ranges from cute and simple to horrifying and action loaded- and everything in between. Above all the unidice creates a new visual experience for all genders, ages and interests!

unidice skins: A new take on art!

First, let’s look at this 3- dimensional, pocket sized art medium which comes with its  limitations- and perks – from an artistic point of view.

“Making skins for the unidice is absolute artistic freedom. Almost anything that comes to mind can be translated into a skin, once you get into the right mindset. Aside from that, the most important thing is making sure the numbers read well.”(Leonardo Ambrosini, creator of the Metal Panel dice skin).

“The Unidice poses an interesting challenge, since the space is really small and needs to be readable even upside down or at odd angles – while still creating a captivating atmosphere.”(ExtraNice, game development and design)

All in all, the unidice certainly shifts the balance between abstract information and immersive, compelling dice art on the other side. It is certainly a fascinating new art journey for unidice skin artists and designers!

House of Influence: Hidden Role in Medieval Style

The first concept behind House of Influence was to create a Hidden Role Game, where the art of manipulation and deception are the key to victory. Naturally one of the most infamous settings in history came to mind: A medieval court intrigue. What better setting than unique houses fighting over influence in medieval times, trying to tell friend and foe apart? Consequently the character concepts revolve around roles of influence to help you win. Some with more, some with less honorable means than others.

Neon Cyberpunk fuses with Alien Mutations

Cyberrun showcases the creativity that flows throughout the whole game development process. The Concept? Humans, Alien Mutations and Robots in a Neon Sci-Fi World. Freelance artist Leonardo Ambrosini, game developers and designers from  ExtraNice and unidice have spent a lot of thought on creating a new, exciting visual experience for players. Thus the angular shapes combined with realistic textures lay the perfect foundation for the distinctive stylized art to feast your eyes on. In this manner the distinguishable races and beginner classes become a visual introduction to the world itself.

Despite the specific design traits of the starting characters, they still allow the player to imagine their own story and background. An important aspect of the game is to be able to individualize them throughout the game. The concept promises a lot to explore in the world of Cyberrun. Which path you go and how you deal with encounters: Everything is up to yo

Roll out: Zombie Horror meets dice!

Nostalgia and danger

The art is all about showing a world dominated by zombies, putting a dark spin on a once bright environment that used to be filled with familiarity, warmth and life. Following the theme, the textures are kept as rough as the scavengers, who will use any unscrupulous method to survive. The players dive into locations with colorful tones that are overshadowed by the looming darkness of the zombie world.

UI Design complements zombie theme

For the zombie dice game our designers came up with an amazing artistic approach.

“Big simple shapes and textured brushes, spiced up with bright colors, add a stylized twist to the gritty and dirty reality of a zombie apocalypse.”(Leonardo Ambrosini)

Furthermore the old discount flyer inspired UI carries the players deeper into the game world. A sentimental reminder of how bright and lively used to be before the world was overtaken by the undead – both on the unidice and the mobile interface.


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