Roll with Fun: Gamification and the Revolutionary Unidice

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
July 6, 2023

Gamification has been transforming various aspects of our lives from employee engagement to customer loyalty programs. At its heart, it's about motivating people to engage more deeply in non-game contexts by applying game design elements. A classic example of this can be seen in how Nike developed their app to turn physically active everyday activities into a game that motivates users to get more active. Today, we explore a new medium that takes gamification to the next level, the unidice.

What is unidice?

The term "unidice" refers to a highly innovative and portable gaming console. This fully digitized dice offers a unique user experience, blending cutting-edge technology with the tactile satisfaction of traditional dice-rolling. Each of its six faces features an individual display, offering endless possibilities for customization and programming with different features.

Unleashing Game Elements with Unidice

One of the key game design elements that makes unidice a perfect tool for gamification is its adaptability. Via a SDK, users can assign various responses to specific interactions with the dice such as tilting, double-tapping, or rotating. This feature can dramatically enhance the learning process or sales teams' performance by adding gamification elements to otherwise non-game activities.

Let's imagine a language learning scenario where the top face of the unidice displays an English word. The user could then roll the dice and the corresponding bottom screen would show the translation, thereby promoting learning through game mechanics. It could also be added that the smartphone plays the pronunciation of the word, once the side get's double tapped, or that it plays a whole sentence where the word get's used in.

The unidice is also a great tool for boosting user engagement in social media platforms. Content creators can use it in videos promoting their media property or brand, adding an element of fun and interactivity to their marketing campaigns. The dice could be programmed to display different reactions, encouraging engagement from the audience as they anticipate the dice's response.

The Power of Gamification Platforms: Unidice SDK and Configuration App

With the free unidice SDK, users can develop their own games or gamification strategies for non-game environments. The unidice Configuration App, on the other hand, allows you to personalize the dice with your own skins. This increases engagement by offering a level of customization often seen in popular video games. Users can earn badges for their creations or level up by achieving performance goals, similar to receiving points in a point system.

These gamification platforms provide a fantastic opportunity to increase participation and engagement levels, be it for an online task, a recruitment tool, or to build brand loyalty. This approach works because it taps into human motivation and the inherent love for games, be it computer games, video games, or traditional card games.

Broadening Horizons: From Education to Customer Retention

The examples of gamification offered by unidice are widely applied. For instance, in education, teachers can use it to make the learning process more engaging and interactive. The dice can display questions, and students can roll it to see the answers, thereby enhancing learning outcomes. Or they have to search the right answer on the different sides of the die and double-tap it.

Unidice also has potential as a tool for customer retention. By integrating it into a brand's loyalty program, customers can roll the dice for a chance to earn rewards or discounts, thereby encouraging brand loyalty and enhancing customer experience.

In conclusion, the unidice is an excellent tool that embodies effective gamification techniques. It takes gamification out of its usual screen-based confines and infuses it into a tangible, interactive, and fun object. As unidice continues to roll forward, there's no doubt that we'll see this unique digital dice being used in even more creative ways to enhance real-world activities and experiences. So, are you ready to roll the dice and boost your gamification game? Let's start the game with unidice!


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