How to Use unidice in Educational Settings: Making Learning Fun

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
May 31, 2023

The world of education has always thrived on innovative tools and technologies that make learning interactive and fun. One such tool that has taken the educational world by storm is the unidice, a unique blend of physical dice and virtual dice. This versatile tool serves as an interactive dice roller that can bring an element of randomness and excitement to a variety of learning activities. So, let's dive in and explore how unidice can be effectively used in educational settings!

The unidice: A New Tool for Education

The unidice is more than just a random number generator. With its six highly durable displays and a multitude of interactive features, it can be used as a dynamic learning tool that keeps students engaged and excited. For instance, you can throw dice in a maths lesson to teach the concept of probability and also visualize it on a connected smartdevice, or use the two dice to learn adding up/subtracting/etc. random numbers. Furthermore, the unidice's bidirectional communication technology enables it to interact with smart devices, offering a plethora of opportunities for digital learning experiences.

unidice in Group Activities

In a classroom setting, unidice can be used to facilitate group activities and games. The unidice can be tossed or rolled by students to determine the order of turns, the tasks, or even to decide on group leaders. This not only introduces an element of randomness and excitement into these activities but also helps students understand the concept of fair play.

Moreover, the unidice can be customized to fit the needs of different activities and games, thanks to its companion app. This app can be used to program the Unidice to display specific numbers or symbols, which can be incredibly useful in creating unique educational games tailored to the needs of the classroom.

Due to it's abilities to communicate with smart devices it is also possible to create far more advanced and complex experiences. Check out the unidice SDK for more information about how to make your own educational applications!

unidice and Digital Learning

One of the significant benefits of unidice  is its ability to seamlessly integrate with unidice applications. These apps, when used on a smartphone or tablet, can interact with the unidice, providing a range of options for digital learning activities. For instance, when a student rolls the unidice, the app can display additional information or questions related to the number rolled, prompting further learning and interaction. Or you could use the die to learn vocabulary, just throw the dice and it shows a random vocabulary on the top and possible meanings on all sides. By double tapping the student can than lock in the answer.

Learning Tabletop Games and Probability

unidice can be an excellent tool to introduce students to the world of tabletop games, such as backgammon or Dungeons & Dragons. The rules of these games often involve throwing dice, and using unidice can make learning these rules a more interactive and engaging process. The students can roll the Unidice to generate a random result, which can help them understand the concept of probability.

For example, when playing a game like Dungeons & Dragons, the outcome of an action is typically determined by rolling a 20-sided die. Using the unidice as an example, students can learn about the different probabilities associated with each possible outcome, enhancing their understanding of randomness and chance.

Just imagine what would be possible with a TTRPG that is specifically created for students to learn maths, new languages, history and more!

In conclusion, unidice is an innovative and versatile tool that can bring a new dimension of fun and interaction to the educational process. Its ability to generate random results, combined with its digital integration capabilities, makes it a valuable asset in any educational setting. So, why not roll the dice and introduce unidice into your classroom today? The potential benefits and learning opportunities it can provide are vast and can truly make learning a fun and exciting journey for students.


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