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How To Make A Custom Dice Set For The Unidice

Cynthia Böll
March 5, 2023

Do you love unique dice sets and want to breathe more life into your board games and roleplaying characters or to create your own individual die activities? Then the unidice and its six 3,9cm x 3,9cm customizable screens can make your dice fantasies come true. You only need to use the unidice app, upload your favorite art, save your digital dice set and your unidice is ready to roll.

Moreover the screen resolution of 240px x 240 px can display simple icons, artwork and even detailed photos of your family and pets. In fact you can save as many dice sets as you like so that you are prepared for any dice occasion.

How to make your Custom Dice Set for TTRPGs

Especially in the Pen&Paper world the unidice makes digital dicemaking easy and simple- even if you are not a craftsman. Just find the matching artwork and you can turn your weapons, spells and other tools into a dice action with the dice design of your choice.

For this you can upload the image via app and choose any dice number, be it a D3, D6, D20 or D100. Afterwards you can overlay the image with any dice number or text you need and you are ready to use your very own dice set! You can even choose to further edit the side numbers individually and use a unique epic background for your natural 20. If you want to know more, we will soon add a step-by-step tutorial on our website with instructions on how to upload and customize dice sets on the unidice skin editor.

Furthermore after a future update, the unidice will eventually include sound customization options you can trigger on your mobile phone!

Design your own Board Game Dice Set

As you can see, there are already countless digital dice set possibilities for Pen&Paper. But the unidice also finds its uses in board game community. A lot of board games use dice afterall and the unidice is the perfect choice to spice up the board game experience. For example you can replace plain numbers with matching icons and images. Reinvent by adding neat resource images to rolls or attack defend with epic dice units images in Renaissance style. And if you have new ideas and images for your story dice, you only need to upload them into the unidice and you have expanded your dice set options.

Get creative with your Dice Activities

Likewise there are plenty of Dice activities you can customize to your own needs. Can’t decide on what to eat? Just add funny food icons for Italian, Chinese or other dishes. Don’t know what to do for the next date? Roll some fun Home Activity, Cinema, Sightseeing or Museum images to help with your decision. Want a fun way to liven up an evening with friends? Add new Truth or Dare challenges to your dice set to mess with your friends. There are no limits to your imagination with this All-In-One-die!

You are not an artist but you still want your individual Dice Set?

If you are not an artist, there are plenty of alternate options to design your very own custom dice set art in the digital age.  AI generators can create amazing art for you to use as dice set backgrounds. First you type in keywords in the AI Generator, secondly you pick a style from the art samples and the software or app will immediately generate unique new art in seconds. And if you don’t like it, you can just keep generating images or try out new keyword combinations until you find something to your liking.

There are apps like Motionleap with AI Generator options, although most apps will include a watermark in the free version. A favoured option of one of our artists is the discord server Midjourney, where you can get the first 25 AI generated images for free!

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