Gamify Your Routine with Unidice: From Breakfast Choices to Workout Plans

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
May 30, 2023

In a world where everything from fitness to education is being gamified, it's no surprise that a tool like Unidice, a virtual dice, has found a unique place in our daily routines. The concept of gamification involves applying elements of playing games to other areas of life to make them more engaging and fun. Unidice, with its random number generators and physical dice feel, is a perfect tool for gamification, turning ordinary tasks into exciting games with the roll of a dice​.

Why not let fate decide your Breakfast?

For instance, consider breakfast choices. If you're confused about whether to have cereal or eggs, why not let unidice decide? With each side of the dice representing a different breakfast option, you can roll the dice and let randomness choose for you. It's a fun and simple way to add a bit of excitement to your morning.

Let the dice roller decide your workout!

unidice can also be a helpful tool in exercise routines. Instead of following a predetermined workout plan, you can assign different exercises to each number on the dice. One roll could determine whether you're doing push-ups or jumping jacks, adding a bit of unpredictability and challenge to your workout. You can also let it roll the amount of times you have to do your exercise thanks to its possibility to roll random numbers. You can even gamify your progress by setting goals based on the sum of your rolls for the week.

With a fitting companion applications the random number generators can be even more useful, since the unidice will only roll exercises you didn't already do and that are fitting for your targeted area of the day.

Gamify your everyday life with this new die!

The gamification possibilities extend beyond individual tasks, too. For example, in schools, teachers can use unidice to gamify lessons and practice. Students can roll the dice to determine which math problems to solve, which historical event to research, or which book to read next. This not only makes learning more fun, but it also encourages students to engage with the material in a new and exciting way.

Similarly, in the world of work, companies can use unidice to gamify team challenges or decision-making processes. For instance, if a team needs to decide between different project ideas, each could be assigned a number, and a roll of the dice could make the final decision. This can also be a fun and engaging way to assign tasks in a group, ensuring that no one person is always stuck with the same job.

unidice isn't just a tool for playing games like Yahtzee, Backgammon, Dungeons and Dragons, or Monopoly - it's a tool for turning life into a game. With its versatility and the fun of rolling a dice to produce a random result, it brings a touch of chance and excitement to any routine.

Whether you're a student, a teacher, a fitness enthusiast, or just someone looking to add a little fun to their day, Unidice offers a new and exciting way to engage with the world. So why not give it a roll and see where the dice takes you?


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