Exploring Artistic Possibilities with Unidice: A New Canvas for Creativity

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
May 30, 2023

When we think about dice, we often associate them with games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Backgammon. The roll of physical dice, the toss of the die, and the randomness of the resulting numbers can determine the fate of our game characters or the progress of our game tokens. However, the unidice, a unique virtual dice, opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities. This tool is not just for fun and games but can also serve as a canvas for creativity, especially in the field of art.

How the unidice can help artists with its randomness!

The use of random number generators in art is not a new concept. Many artists have used randomness to stimulate creativity, spark new ideas, or add an element of surprise to their work. Who doesn't love to throw dice and see the outcome, everyone wants to design an old man with green skin on a planet inhabited by hamsters, right?

The unidice, as a sophisticated dice roller, takes this idea to a whole new level.

unidice is a revolutionary device that combines the tactile satisfaction of rolling physical dice with the flexibility of digital customization. It's made out of six highly durable displays, fully customizable with a companion app, and can even communicate bi-directionally with your smart devices​.

In the realm of artistic creation, unidice can be an exciting tool. Here's an example: consider an artist trying to choose a color palette for their next piece. They could assign different color groups to each number on the unidice and roll it to determine the colors they will use. The resulting random numbers add an element of surprise and challenge the artist to work outside of their comfort zone.

Another example could be in the field of performance art, where the outcome of a dice roll could determine the sequence of a performance or the actions of the performers. A simple click or a shake can lead to unexpected and exciting results, adding a layer of randomness and spontaneity to the performance.

The benefits of using unidice extend beyond the individual artist. Art educators can use it as a tool in their classrooms, assigning different art styles, techniques, or themes to each side of the dice and having students roll to decide their next project. This fun and interactive method can stimulate creativity, encourage experimentation, and introduce students to styles or techniques they might not have explored on their own.

What artists can do with the unidice!

In the world of digital art and game design, unidice can be a valuable asset. The ability to customize the sides of the dice with the SDKs allows artists to incorporate interactive elements into their work. For instance, a game designer can use unidice to create a game where the roll of the dice determines the appearance of characters, the emergence of obstacles, or the path a character takes.

And let's not forget the thrill of using unidice in traditional games like Dungeons & Dragons or Monopoly. The bidirectional communication feature can add another layer of immersion, triggering sound effects, animations, or even dramatic music as you roll to fight dragons or buy properties​.

So, whether you're an individual artist looking for a new source of inspiration, an art educator seeking innovative teaching tools, or a game designer aiming to take your creations to the next level, consider unidice as a versatile and creative solution. With a simple throw or toss of this virtual dice, you can discover a new realm of artistic possibilities. After all, who knew that the sum of a random result could be so beautiful?


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