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Isabella-Viktoria Helm
April 13, 2023

Family games are the perfect way to bond and create lasting memories. One classic family game that never goes out of style is the dice game. Fun family games with dice cater to different age groups and skill levels, offering entertainment and educational value for everyone. In this blog post, we'll explore various fun family games with dice suitable for preschoolers, kindergarteners, kids, and adults. We'll also share our top fun games that you can enjoy with your family at home, discussing their rules and benefits in detail.

Fun Games for Preschoolers: Laying the Foundation for Learning and Fun

Dice games for preschoolers are an excellent way to introduce early math concepts, critical thinking, and social skills  to younger kids. They help develop a child's ability to recognize numbers, count, and take turns while playing. Here are three simple fun family games perfect for young children:

Roll and Count: In this fun filled game, children take turns rolling a die and counting the number of dots on the face. The first player to reach a predetermined number (e.g., 20) wins the game. This simple activity reinforces counting skills and helps children become more comfortable with numbers.

Color Match: Assign each number on the die to a specific color. Players roll the die and then place a colored object (e.g., a button or a Lego brick) on the corresponding space on a game board. The first player to get four objects in a row, column, or diagonal wins. This game helps develop color recognition and pattern formation skills.

Animal Dice: Create custom dice with pictures of different animals on each side. Players take turns rolling the dice and imitating the sound or movement of the animal they rolled. This game encourages creativity, imaginative play, and helps develop early language skills.

Classic Family Games for Kindergarten Learning: Building on the Basics

Dice games for kindergarteners can be a fantastic way to reinforce math skills and other educational concepts. They help build number sense, improve mental math abilities, and strengthen problem-solving skills. Here are three fun family games to try:

Addition Race: Players take turns rolling two dice, adding the numbers together, and moving their game pieces forward that many spaces on a board. The first player to reach the finish line wins. This game strengthens addition skills and encourages strategic thinking.

Storytelling Dice: Create dice with pictures or words related to a story theme. Players take turns rolling the dice and using the images or words to create a narrative. This game encourages creativity, language development, and storytelling skills.

Shape Sorter: Design a game board with different shapes on it. Assign each shape to a number on the die. Players roll the die, identify the corresponding shape, and place a game piece on that shape. The first player to get three in a row wins. This game promotes shape recognition and spatial awareness.

Fun Dice Games for Kids: Engaging and Exciting Gameplay

As children grow older, they can start playing more complex fun family games that provide both entertainment and educational value. These games often involve strategy, probability, and problem-solving skills. Here are five popular options for kids:

Yahtzee: A classic family game where players take turns rolling five dice, attempting to score various combinations such as a full house, a straight, or a set of the same number. The goal is to achieve the highest possible score.

Farkle: A game of risk and reward, where players roll six dice and collect points based on specific combinations. Players can choose to continue rolling for more points but risk losing their accumulated points if they don't score on their next roll.

Tenzi: A fast-paced dice game where players race to roll their ten dice to match a specific number or pattern. The first player to achieve the goal shouts "Tenzi!" and wins the round.

Liar's Dice: A hilarious game of bluffing and strategy, where players bid on the number of specific faces they believe are present among all the dice, including their own and their opponents'. Players can either raise the bid or challenge the previous bid. If a challenge occurs, all dice are revealed, and the loser of the challenge loses one die. The game continues until one player has dice remaining, who is then declared the winner.

Qwixx: A fast-paced game where players try to cross off as many numbers as possible on their scorecards by rolling four colored dice and two white dice. Players must carefully strategize and make decisions based on the available options, as the game ends when a player has crossed off a specific number of spaces.

Dice Games for Adults: Sophisticated Fun and Strategy

Adults can also enjoy a variety of fun family games that are perfect for socializing or simply relaxing after a long day. These games often involve more strategy and complexity, making them engaging for older players. Here are three options:

Bunco: A fast-paced party game that involves rolling three dice, trying to get specific number combinations, and scoring points. Players are typically divided into teams, and the game is played in multiple rounds, with each round focusing on a different target number. Bunco is great for socializing and can accommodate large groups.

Poker Dice: This game combines the elements of poker and dice, with players rolling five dice and trying to form the best poker hand. Players can choose to reroll some or all of their dice up to two times in an attempt to improve their hand. Poker Dice is an excellent choice for fans of card games who want to try something new.

Roll Through the Ages: A strategic civilization-building game where players roll dice to gather resources, build cities, and develop technologies. Players must make crucial decisions to balance their civilization's growth while avoiding disasters. Roll Through the Ages is perfect for players who enjoy more complex and strategic games.

Fun Family Games to Play at Home: Bringing Everyone Together

Dice games are perfect for family game nights, as they often cater to various age groups and skill levels. Here are five fun family games that the whole family can enjoy together:

Roll for It!: A simple and quick game where players take turns rolling their dice and attempting to match the numbers on various goal cards. Players score points by completing the goal cards and compete to be the first to reach a specific point total.

King of Tokyo: A monster-themed fun family game where players roll dice to attack their opponents, heal themselves, or gather energy for special abilities. The objective is to either be the first player to reach 20 victory points or to eliminate all other players. This game belongs to our favorite family games of all time.

Zombie Dice: A quick and easy push-your-luck game where players take on the role of zombies attempting to eat as many brains as possible without getting "shot" by their victims. Players must decide whether to keep rolling for more points or stop to avoid losing their progress.

Rory's Story Cubes: A versatile storytelling game that can be played in many ways. Players roll dice adorned with various images and use the pictures to create stories, solve problems, or answer questions. This game is excellent for fostering creativity and language skills and perfect for every family game night.

Qwirkle Cubes: A strategic game that combines elements of dominoes and Scrabble. Players take turns rolling and placing colored cubes with different shapes on the game board, attempting to create rows or columns of matching colors or shapes. Players score points based on the length of the rows or columns they create.

So, gather your family and prepare for an unforgettable family game night filled with fun family games that cater to everyone's interests and skill levels. From classic family games to new, exciting variations, there's always something to keep everyone entertained and engaged.

The Ultimate All-in-One Dice for Fun Family Games

Dice games are a fantastic way to enjoy quality family time with your family and friends. They are simple to play, portable, and often fast-paced, making them perfect for parties or game nights. Dice games also assist children in developing logical thinking, problem-solving, and math skills while having all the fun.

Imagine elevating your dice gaming experience even further. What if you could customize your dice to fit any fun game you wish to play? What if you could invent your own games with your unique rules and themes?

Enter unidice, a revolutionary electric dice that takes your gaming experience to new heights. This virtual dice features a powerful hardware system that guarantees precision and consistency in every roll, making it an ideal companion for all your gaming escapades. unidice is thoughtfully designed with optimized ergonomics and aesthetics, ensuring a comfortable grip and an eye-catching appearance.

unidice's World of Dice Games

unidice's standout feature is its ability to adapt its face according to your preferences. Choose from hundreds of faces or create your own using the unidice app.

unidice empowers you to play any dice game imaginable and more. Explore new fun games such as Color Match, Animal Dice, Roll and Count, or Shape Sorter, or relish classic games like Yahtzee, Dice Poker, or Storytelling Dice. You can even create custom games like Story Dice, where players use the dice to invent stories with various characters, settings, and events. This inventive activity allows families to unleash their creativity and have fun together.

Download premade fun games like Dice Poker or Los Banditos for a family game night, or design your own custom skins using the unidice configuration app. If you're familiar with Unity, Kotlin, or Swift, you can create applications for your family or the world with unidice  SDKs!

unidice: A New Frontier in Fun Family Games

unidice transcends the realm of traditional dice - it's a platform for innovation and creativity that enhances the analog gaming world. With its powerful SDK (Software Development Kit), unidice enables the community to develop unique applications and fun family games, offering unparalleled gaming enjoyment.

unidice is the ultimate digital dice set to transform your family dice gaming nights. It's fun, versatile, and customizable - everything you've ever wanted in a dice.

In conclusion, dice games present a plethora of options for family game night, delivering both entertainment and educational value for players of all ages. Whether you're seeking games suitable for young children, more challenging options for older kids and adults, or a fun-filled game that everyone can enjoy together, there's a dice game for your family. So grab your unidice , gather your loved ones, and prepare to roll into an unforgettable family game night!


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