Create your own TTRPG Worlds with unidice

Isabella-Viktoria Helm
June 14, 2023

Welcome to a new era of tabletop RPG gaming, brought to you by unidice! Discover how this digital dice revolutionizes the gaming experience, making gameplay smoother and more immersive. From creating your own worlds to managing intricate character sheets, unidice and its companion app, unidice Fantasies, offer innovative solutions to make your game nights unforgettable. Join us as we dive into the future of tabletop RPGs, exploring the boundless possibilities offered by unidice.

Enhance Your Creativity, Use unidice for Prompts

A cornerstone of any good tabletop RPG campaign is the world it inhabits. With unidice, you can up your game with a whole new level of creativity. Its fully digital interface allows you to customize the dice for random world-building prompts. Want to decide the climate of your next location? Roll a die with different weather patterns on each face. Need a name for a new NPC? Use a unidice programmed with a name generator. The possibilities are limitless.

Moreover, unidice is a great tool to inspire your players to think outside of the box. Maybe the roll of the die reveals a plot twist, or introduces a new, unforeseen obstacle. This is a fantastic way to keep your players engaged, and it also helps to take some of the pressure off you, the game master, to come up with everything on your own.

Track Your Creatures in the unidice Fantasies App

The unidice Fantasies app helps in managing your world's creatures, from NPCs to monsters, so you never have to shuffle through paper notes or digital documents again. You can store, edit, and retrieve creature stats on the app, with the ability to link these directly to your unidice.

During gameplay, if a creature is about to enter a combat scenario, you can easily retrieve its stats with just a few taps. This streamlines your gameplay, minimizes interruptions, and keeps the focus on the adventure.

Sending Character Sheets to Your Players

It can be intimidating for new players to learn all the rules of a new tabletop RPG. Thankfully, unidice allows you to send players their character sheets with all the necessary formulas already included. This not only helps players understand their character's abilities better, but it also frees up more time for actual gameplay rather than rule explanation. No more rule learning. Your players just have to tap the ability they want to make a test in and roll the die. The unidice takes over from there.

Through the unidice Fantasies app, players can view and edit their character sheets, roll for checks, and keep track of their inventory. By digitizing these processes, it simplifies the gaming experience, allowing players to focus on role-play and strategy.

Enjoy Your Game Night with Individuality, Automation, and Customizability

Unidice is not just a tool for managing tabletop RPGs, but it's also a way to add a personal touch to your game nights. The customizability of the dice allows you to create a gaming experience tailored specifically to your group. This could be in the form of personalized dice designs, unique sound effects for dramatic moments, or custom-built games within your campaign.

The automation offered by the unidice and the unidice Fantasies app reduces the often tedious aspects of gameplay, such as managing character sheets or calculating roll outcomes. This leaves you and your players with more time to enjoy the actual role-playing aspect of the game.

Finally, with unidice's high degree of customizability, you can modify games to suit your unique group dynamic. Whether you prefer high-stakes combat scenarios, complex political machinations, or light-hearted comedic adventures, unidice enables you to create a campaign that fits your specific preferences.

In conclusion, unidice is a revolutionary tool for tabletop RPGs, bringing a new level of immersion, simplicity, and creativity to your gaming table. Whether you are a seasoned game master or a beginner player, unidice enhances your gameplay experience and takes your campaigns to new heights of excitement and engagement."


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